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Tips to Decorate a Small Space Bedroom

Tips to Decorate a Small Space Bedroom
Many bedrooms have limited space, which makes decorating easy in some ways and difficult in others. Taking a fresh design approach can transform a crowded bedroom. Such as decorate a small space on bathroom, here are several tips on decorating a small space bedroom for your family and especially for your kids.
  • Look under furniture for extra storage space; a good under-bed organizer can help keep toys, shoes and other goods hidden from view and better-organized.
  • Go vertical; when floor space is limited, one of the easiest ways to maximize space utilization is to use every inch of vertical space.
  • Create an illusion of more space by painting stripes on the walls; vertical stripes give the room a sense of greater height while horizontal stripes will make the room seem wider.
Tips to Decorate a Small Space Bedroom
  • Don’t place tall furniture near windows; this only blocks the natural light. Do place a low bookcase or, better yet, a chair or bench near the window.
  • A corner bookcase or display shelf unit can be a great way to utilize diagonal nooks and crannies in your smaller-sized kids’ bedroom.
Tips to Decorate a Small Space Bedroom
  • Look for “combo” furniture pieces such as an armoire with drawers and space for hanging clothes to free up closet space.
  • A well-lit bedroom will seem more open and spacious than a dark room; augment the ceiling light fixture with a bedside table lamp, desk lamp, etc. to provide plenty of ambient and task lighting in your child’s bedroom.
  • Keep it simple; more than anything a small kids’ bedroom will suffer greatly if you try to overdo a theme, use too many colors and cram in just plain too much stuff. --raftertales--
Tips to Decorate a Small Space Bedroom


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