A Retro Bathroom from matixbathroom

A modern bathroom not usually use an elegant material and design, but the important thing is the form and the shape of it's component. On this bathroom, we can see the choice of bathroom and it's accessories just use a simple design, but with smart placing each component we can make the room more comfortable. This bathroom used a totally modern suite with a funky sixties twist, Retro marries form and function with ease. The chunky silhouettes are a definite design blast from the past brought right up to date for a fresh new bathroom. Complementing furniture and accessories complete the Retro look. See another bathroom design at matrixbathroom.

Natural Color for Window Treatment on Minimalist Room

The choice of clor decorations is one or the important thing to make the room more comfortable. We can use a natural color for room decorations such as window treatment. This unique window treatment is great for covering small or large windows and doors, and can even be used as a room divider. Panels glide easily along a track system for sleek, simple use. See another unique window treatment on The Shade Store.

Insulate Your Window with Wood or Metal Blind

Blinds are used for insulating our window from the outside lighting and for privacy purpose. From the living room to the corner office, Blinds provide a lightweight modern sophistication. Regulate light and privacy by a simple tilt of the slats. The important thing is material and color selection, to ensure a stylish fit there are 2 material of blinds: Wood and Metal, metal wood provide an easily and compactly to raise and lower our blinds with a built-in lifting mechanism. Control privacy and light in-take with a simple tilt of the slats.
wood+blindWood Blind is made from high quality natural hardwoods using only sustainable resources. These blinds are durable, warp resistant, and help insulate your windows. A built-in lifting mechanism allows you to lower and raise your blinds with ease. Simply tilt the slats with our wand or cord control to manage light in-take. See another Blinds at The Shade Store.

Minimalist Living Room with Warm Color

minimalist home design Warm color can be used for many rooms and decorations, warm color usually will be suitable if we combined it with white color, to empowering the clean and neat room. Minimalist room should have a special room color, unusual color is one of smart choice, so if our friends come to our house, they will feel more comfortable. Several warm color in house remodeling are used to create a friendly and green home design.

Best Bedroom Design with Feng Shui

Chinese and other Asian people usually believed with "Feng Shui", the ancient Chinese art of placement everything, from House design, room design and placement, bathroom, furniture, bedroom, trees, etc. The goal of Feng Shui is to enhance the flow of chi (life force or spiritual energy), and to create harmonious environments that support health, beckon wealth and invite happiness.
Bedroom is an important component that needs Feng Shui placement, there are several reason and feng shui basic for bedroom. First, we should choose a friendly and calm color. rich earth and skin tones such as terra cotta, copper, coral, cream, peach, tan and cocoa for creating a cozy, welcoming atmosphere in the bedroom. Soft natural colors like light blues, greens and lavenders lend the bedroom a quiet, tranquil vibe and invite healing energy. Bright reds and oranges are typically associated with yang — the masculine half of the yin and yang energy equation — and are too stimulating.
bedroom feng shui design 1

Second, The position of bedroom location, there are much feng shui principes for the position of things especially bedroom, try not to position your bed under the lower angle of a pitched ceiling, a ceiling fan or a heavy beam to avoid "depressing energy", avoid positioning your bed under a window, which lacks the symbolic support and protection of a solid wall and can lead to fitful sleep as energy enters and exits through the window. Third, try to choose pieces with soft lines and curvilinear forms. "Square corners have too much pointed energy and can create a 'sharp' environment".

bedroom feng shui design 2 Four, Removing and shutdown your electronic goods from your bedroom, the bedroom should be a place of rest, contemplation and intimacy — not work, exercise or blaring music. Exercise gear, a phone, a television or computer or a desk piled high with bills and paperwork give off and take up a lot of energy, to avoid distract you from rest and romance.

bedroom fengshui design 3

Five, Create a Space for Couples, even when it comes to bedroom furnishings and decor. "Having only one nightstand or space on only one side of the bed to climb in and out is very symbolic of solitude, and can actually hold your single status in place. These tips are adopted from hgtv.com, you can see more details there.

More Feng Shui ideas

Basic Japanese Room Design

Japanese+home+design This picture as taken from flickr, described a Japanese room design. On this design, we can see a basic Japanese room design, actually, Japanese room design has a perfect design. This fact profed by there are a lot of house like this that had hundreds years ages. Japanese home design and constructions was planed to survive with any seasons, on Japan, there are 4 seasons but it's had perfect home design for this. In bringing the atmosphere of Japanese interior design, the basic of it's design is the using of special material from natural qualited wood.
Wooden floor and sliding door named shoji is the dominant room component. For the wall, Japanese basic home design usually used some material like a paper, so it doesn't need more lighting. So, today we can see more best home design at Japanese room design.

Modern furniture for minimalist office

Nowadays, choosing a special, antique and minimalis furniture for an office remodeling is important. The need of space availability forced the choosing a minimalist space for the furniture used, but the most important is the convinence and comfortability. On above picture, I found on my search, a special office furniture that may be suitable for minimalist office design.

Shoji Japanese Traditional Sliding Door and Screen

Sliding door is a special door design in Japanese culture, all Japanese culture have a high sense of art, on home design, Japanese culture was a best home design on culture, they can build a house with high quality and have a high resistance with wind and earthquake. The basic Japanese home design is the choice of the material. Wood is the favorite material for the floor, door, roof and also the wall. The special wall and floor design is called "shoji", a special screen made of paper and wood framed. Cherry and Amber Kinwashi Paper is the favorite material for the wall and the door (shoji). On this picture, I found the design of living room with traditional wall screen named shoji from shojidesigns.com.
Japanese-traditional-sliding-door-shoji On this picture, we can found the shoji sliding door with wooden material, for the windows, it's enough to use a special paper from Amber Kinwashi. See Shojidesigns.com to get more design

Modern Lamp Design for Children Studying Room

modern lamp design Did you see this as a lamp?, actually, first time i see this image, I never imagine that it is a lamp, this is a brazodesk modern lamp, with minimalist design, this lamp is very suitable for your children additional studying lamp, but, actually we need another stronger lamp on the room. Use this lamp to complete your minimalist and modern design to get a best home or getting accessory for house remodeling design.

Traditional Kitchen Design with Antique Furniture

Eventough our furniture had old age, but don't worry, we don't need to waste it. Old furniture will become an antique furniture, we can use this furniture on creating a traditional kitchen design. With special design of furniture, table, chairs, wall and the floor, so we sometimes feel on our memories about several years ago.

Special designing of window with a circle and completed with a glass make the room looks antique too, for the lighting, we can use an antique hanging lamp and completed with additional lamp in every side of the roof. I found this amazing antique kitchen design on neidnerconstruction.com.

Purple Bedroom With Cartoon Picture for Your Teen

teen's bedroom design

Cartoon and other fiction heroes are the most suitable basic designing for teen's and children's bedroom, on this picture we can see how the bedroom completed with bed cover and other bedroom accessories with Disney Tinkerbell picture. It's a best home design for best bathroom design. To make the room more comfortable, wooden floor is the best material. This wooden floor is suitable for all four seasons, eazy to maintenancing and eazy to installations. For children who doesn't like to play on their room, we don't need a large room, but sometimes we need a larger room for more attractive children. Actually, we doesn't need designing children's bedroom with any elegant furniture and accessories, because their hobbies and favorite colour will change more in short time.

Maximizing your Interior Design with Best Carpet

Choosing the right carpet for interior design and to complete the component of the floor, by using the carpet, we can ensure that we can make the room more comfortable, so we can let our children playing on the floor. On this picture you can see the natural cotton carpet, the most people wanted carpet for interior design.
best carpet for interior designNatural Cotton

Tiles carpet is a special carpet that we can configure it's part so we don't need to cut the carpet and eazy to configure like the shapes and the size of the room.

best carpet tiles for interior designCarpet Tiles

This carpet is completed with a special rug pad to prevent slipping, when the rubber hits the rug, you'll realize this is the best pad on the market. Flame retardant Synthetic rubber.
best carpet for interior designNon Sleep Carpet

So, we can choose thoose carpet as we like. I recomend you to choose a special one, so we can sure that our carpet is different with the other.

Natural Lighting for Best Home Design

natural-interior-designNatural lighting is the best system to make your room life, this best home design inspired by the process of photosynthesis, nature gathers the sun’s energy efficiently, using only what it needs to support life. Through photosynthesis, plants convert light energy and carbon dioxide into oxygen, which can be used by other forms of life. People can use radiant energy in their homes through passive-solar design. South-facing windows warm a room in winter by letting in the sun’s rays. In summer, you can position window shades to shut out hot sun; essentially, you’re mimicking the way leaves and flowers follow the sun’s movement.
On this design, we use a modern and antique sofa design with white color to make the room more brightness, we also use a minimalist table design with low height. The color and design of carpet and pillows are similar, and also between the sofa and the wall. The most important design of this natural design is on it's wide windows to let the natural lighting entering the room. See more descriptions and images on natural home magazine.

Best Unique and Modern Table Design for Minimalist Design

antique-modern-table-designInspired of building a minimalist room design, we need to maximizing the room and the furniture, one of the component of designing minimalist design is choosing a minimalist but modern design, this twist table designed by MartinezOtero, described a simple but modern table. Suitable for your children's studying room. See designawards to get more design.

Best Apartment Interior Design with Pink Color

Best Apartment Interior Design with Pink Color Apartment design usually used a small size with simple furniture and simple decorations, so in creating best apartment interior design we should maximize the elegance of the room with color of the interior component and it's ornaments, First, we should considering about the main color of the room, Second, the shape of the furniture, Third, the match ability of all room component in both color and shape.We don't need a big table or much chairs, we just need a simple table with two or 4 simple design chairs. For the decorations, we should consider about who will stya on the apartments, for teen girls, we can choose the pink color, this color will have a best result if we bled it with another darkner color such as black. This picture describing my favorite best apartment interior design.

One door spacesaver for minimalist bathroom

One door spacesaver for minimalist bathroom

This best home interior design on bathroom described by suitable shape and the color choice. Make a minimalist bathroom can be started from choosing another bathroom decorations with small size or special shape that can suitable for minimalist bathroom. Get Organized with an Attractive Space Saver Store bath essentials in this handsome bathroom cabinet. Durably crafted of solid wood and wood composite, it features three drawers, a one-door cupboard and an open shelf. Beadboard detailing adds decorative interest, and versatile finishes will coordinate with any bath decor.This bathroom cabinet saves valuable floor space. Due to its convenient design, this bathroom furniture won't consume too much of your bath area. Order today and get organized.

Metal Furniture on Modern Home Design

modern-interior-with-metal-furniture On this picture, we can see thecompositions of it's furniture material and wall color, this home office need special shape on every compnent of the room. Only the essential goods are located, a multi minimalist metal cabined used for locate your book or other office goods. Small cabinet located vertically alonng the side of the room to reduce the space of the room. The suitable choice for the wall is oneof other important thing. See another picture on paintquality.co.za to have another inspirations.

Best Home Terrace Design

Best Home Terrace Design Terrace is one of my favorite house part, on this place, we can locate our bench or another chairs for relaxing while enjoying music or meal with our friends. We can feel more fresh air in my own home, use small part of your house to build this terrace or landscape, special floor choice can bring the convinence of the room, several flower or another small plants are the ideal decorations for this room.

My Favorite Kitchen Design

Simple kitchen design usually used wooden material for the cabinet and other kitchen furniture, wooden furnitures are the most material for creating simple but modern kitchen design, this wooden kitchen design was taken from www.ashfitfurn.co.uk, that provided a lot of other kitchen design too.

Best Home Theater Design with Special Lighting Design

best home theaterHow to build your best home theater design? First step you should considering about the size of the room, commonly home theater used minimum size of 3 by 4 meters. We can also adapted with available room size. The right choice of the monitor size and locations will improve the value of the room, choose an appropriate monitor size. The second considerations is the color of the sofa or other furniture for the audiences, choose a horizontal locations of the sofa and the monitor. Special lighting is the most important thing of the room, suitable lighting design will make the room more comfortable, a vertical and minimalist lamp is the most common choice. For the color of the room, we can use a similar color for the sofa, wall and the floor. Locate a special mats for reducing the noise on floor and the floor with similar color with the sofa.

Best Modern Interior Design with Glass Table

glass table design This picture describing a modern dinning table, a modern interior for best home design need to use a new and attractive material and color, a new and extreme material such as glass, fiber or stainless steel. The need of uncommonly material is one of important inovation for unique home design. The other thing in designing modern design is the choice of the right color, on this picture we can use white color for the chairs and the wall, white color will maximize the lighting, we just need simple or maximum natural lighting. See another modern design on architectaria.blogspot.com
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