Wooden Floor Installation from Singpanels

Yesterday, I had emailed by Sing Home, They announce their products while show me how to installing a wooden flower by their product.
"If you have concrete flooring for your existing home, We have a better solution to keep your feet warn in the winter by adding insulation on top of the concrete, then laying the insulated Sing honeycomb panel over the insulation layer (plate foam type or raised floor system). The paneling has been finished at the factory with a polyurethane coating. It is the easiest insulated flooring to install and uses the strongest plywood"
By those argument, I will Show you about installing wooden floor:
1. Step on to installing Sing wide plank floor
Before installing Sing Wide plank panel floor check the level of 2x4 sleeper, make sure it is shimed if not level.

2. Fasting Wide plank floor panels
Fasting 2x4 to the concrete with 3" concrete nail. Then lay the wide plank floor

3. Installing Wide plank floor
Start to lay reclaimed wood floor. The largest wood floor panel in USA. Floors are pre-coated with urethane at the factory.

4. Cutting Wide plank flooring
Lay the wide plank floor, 4 foot in width is the widest floor evermade. It is easy way to lay complete finished wood floor.
5. Sing honeycomb wide plank flooring
Sing Honeycomb is diminsionally stable, it is the only material that is able to install the jumbo size floor with extreme precision. Why not save your money and time use our high precision floor panel.

6.Fastening Wide plank flooring
Fasten the edge to the 2x4 with glue. This floor will not only never squeak it also is least troublesome when the water soaks into the floor. Normally you need to replace the whole floor it water gets in between.
7.Finished Sing wide plank floor panel
This is how pretty the Sing wide plank floor looks. The easiest way to install DIY wood floor.

The Inspirations of creating healthy house in cities

There are many aspects to consider in creating a healthy house planning, Sometimes we called a healthy house as a green house design. I hope by these considerations can give you an inspirations, based on astudio.id.or.id, you can creating a maximum benefit from minimalist design by home improvement or house remodeling:

  • best green home designThe use of site for maximum room zoning, by placing rooms in compact and integrated arrangement, you can reducing the complexity of the room compositions.
  • The use of wide openings and ventilations to support 'breathing' rooms, this step can also make your room more attractive, you can also let the natural lighting entering your room, so we can also reducing the cost of electricity used.
  • Maximize empty and green areas to grow gardens, This way can improve the capacity of oxygen, so we can get more fresh room.
  • The use of roof to deal with rain and hot sun, so we will feel more comfortable
  • The use of high ceiling to make the rooms fresher and cold, it also can make the room looks more elegant.

Natural Stone Installations for Minimalist Design

To install the natural stone for the stylish minimalist design, it will be better if we paid attention to the stone kind that was used. Because the minimalist design usually used some neutral colours. The other natural stone such as the sandstone was appropriate enough to be used for the style of Mediterranean architecture, classic or ethnic. This picture describe of several stone compositions for wall or garden's floor. Choose like your imaginations, created by images.lowes.com.

unique stairs from asis-leif.com

upstairsThis unique upstairs are produced by asis-leif.com, on above images, we can see a spiral model upstairs, suitable for minimalist room design. On the second picture, there is a winding style upstairs, an unique design with a simple design, On the third picture, we can see skylight above stairs, see another unique staris on ais-leif.com.

Best Baby Bedroom Design from Walmart

This bedroom is one of Walmart collection, named olivia, a best baby bedroom design. The Olivia is made from solid New Zealand pinewood and has non-toxic finishes. You can't tell from the photo, but it has a two compartment under-drawer for extra storage. The mattress can be adjusted to four different height levels and crib can be converted to a toddler bed or daybed. Keeping in line with Walmart prices, the Olivia crib goes for $299.88.

Furnished Model Home by Jeff Click Homes

Furnished Model Home
Furnished Model HomeThis Furnished Model Home created by Jeff Click Homes, Jeff Click Homes has been recognized by colleagues in the industry as a standout among its competition for this home, which has been honored with awards in three of five categories in the 2007 Central Oklahoma Home Builders Associations' annual Parade Of Homes. Builders, designers, Realtors, and other industry professionals from throughout the state toured Parade homes entered for the awards, which were comprised of 5 total categories and divided by price point and region.

For the $200K-400K price point in Edmond, JCH was awarded “Best Overall Design,” which encompasses the design and functionality of the home’s floorplan in general.

Jeff Click Homes also was awarded "Best Kitchen." Judging in this category included both design elements, use of materials, and overall functionality.

Home Design Color Trend of 2009

Color trend is unpredictable, but with based on several people ideas, it can be predictable, here are several home design color trend of 2009. Living in today's world, where color and design have became a rather individual expression of our personalities and our way of thinking and living, inspiring industrial product designers and stimulating their creative senses is not limited to introducing new colors and finishes. The selection includes fourteen colors, drawn from bright yellows and warm reds to classic whites and blue. To create visual delight, I divided it into five categories.

  • Unpredictable Resurgence of Luminescent White
Includes two whites and a special effect finish. It is reminiscent of the days of glamour, elegance and luxury. It provides free expression going beyond the self.
Home Design Color Trend of 2009Chimera: a luminescent and elegant velvety white, suggestive of a grotesque product of the imagination.

Albertstein: a blushing rosy white, indicative of excessive wild intelligence.

Cold Scent: an aromatic, silverish special effect reminding of Alpine mountains.

  • Artistic Passion
Includes two reds, an orange and a metallic finish. Finding names for these colors meant tapping into our heritage from an artistic angle. Home designing by using this color, can make the room more artistic and passion.
Home Design Color Trend of 2009
  • Mother Nature in its Infancy
Natural is neutral, with natural home color, we can keep the originally of the color. Includes two clean natural yellows and an organic green. This category is an expression of joy, happiness, growth and harmony.

Home Design Color Trend of 2009
  • Traditional Illuminations
This is simple color for your home, includes a dark blue and a dark grey. It insinuates trust and accountability, and promotes the feeling of being closer to the home.

The usage of Stainless steel in kitchen remodeling

According to the several sources, the stainless steel appliance trend is on the way out. Many of the agents, however, did say that stainless steel appliances are still a big item. They provide a "wow" factor and can still sell homes.
stainless steel kitchen 1
stainless steel kitchen 2
stainless steel kitchen 3
While stainless steel appliances in the kitchen might still seem like a great idea for your kitchen renovation project, consider what the value of those items will mean to potential buyers in 5 to 10 years. Many of the those buyers may have already had steel appliances in their homes and are fed up with them. Think of some of the "hot" kitchen trends from as recently as the 90's -- many of those have fallen out of favor and are being replaced in today's modern kitchens.

Updated Spaces to Reduce The Room Complexity

Reducing the space of the room can make the room more complex, so we need updated spaces with special way to reduce the complexity of the room. On this picture, homedesignrenovations create special design of kitchen and bathroom that enable us to use the room with the most efficiently.

To make the room more comfortable, we should use natural color and natural material. The choice of the suitable color can make the room looks more wider.

Comfortable Home Design from Midwestliving

How to create a comfortable home?, There's something comforting happening in the home. As life gets faster and more impersonal, Midwesterners seek a place to relax and regenerate, a place that expresses our own unique personalities and fosters connections to our family and friends.

Kitchen, Living room and room decorations are the important things that can make our house's conditions, Will it comfort? These are several tips from Midwestliving about comfortable home design:

"There is a trend toward open floor plans and fewer upper cabinets. Especially when the sink or cooktop is placed under a window with views of nature."
- Paul Dybdahl, architect, Middleton, Wisconsin

"My clients can't live without an island. They are so versatile: a work area for large projects like decorating cookies with the kids, preparing complex recipes, staging dining room dinners or informal buffet serving."
- Liz Firebaugh, kitchen designer, Petoskey, Michigan

"Alternative storage, such as drawers for dishes and tall pantry cabinets for more than food,are increasingly popular."
- Kristin Okeley, kitchen designer, Indianapolis

"Midwesterners have high expectations of this space. It's about lifestyle as much as it is about functionality. They want to hang out in their kitchens with areas for both work and socializing."
- Mick De Giulio, kitchen designer, Chicago

All About Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling can improve the value of your bathroom, it make your bathroom looks more newer than before, but you can just save your money in get new bathroom, here are all about bathroom remodeling. Remodeling and redecorating a bathroom can include the upgrade and installation of sinks, faucets, vanities, fixtures, and accessories. A Jacuzzi tub may replace a normal bathtub, dual showerheads added to an existing shower, and there are even tile floors that can be wired from beneath to provide a heated surface for walking.

Bathroom Remodeling: Costs and Return on Investments

When remodeling a bathroom, the first priority involves establishing a budget. A recent study showed that an average bathroom remodel can cost between nine and ten thousand dollars, but a great percentage of that investment may return to the homeowner upon resale of the home. Dual showerheads, stereo speakers, whirlpool tubs, and wall installation of television sets can all add luxury as well as value to a bathroom.
Remodeling Ideas on a Smaller Scale

To begin the remodeling, choose a color or theme and coordinate accessories with that idea. Remodeling can be simple and cost effective by simply adding a few touches to an existing design. A flowering plant can be placed atop a pedestal to add freshness and life to a bathroom and cost very little. Simple accessories such as small, framed prints, decorative dishes with colored soaps, or even a small wall shelf with collectables can enhance a bathroom d├ęcor without physical or financial burden.
Remodeling Ideas on a Larger Scale

On a larger scale, a new bathroom mirror can add to or change an old look. If a bathroom mirror is sealed to the wall with construction adhesive, simply cover the surface with contact paper and tap the mirror surface with a hammer, shattering the glass and adhering it to the contact paper. A small screwdriver may be used to assist in prying the shards from the wall if necessary, and safety precautions such as goggles, gloves, and drop cloths should be utilized. Mirrors can become an excellent decorative accessory as well as brightening a room through bouncing light from windows and fixtures.
Installation of a Vanity

A vanity is also an excellent addition to a bathroom, as it offers ample storage in an otherwise wasted space. The vanity needs corresponding openings to plumbing pipes and drains, and should be placed flush against the correct wall to access those pipes. Then a sink may be dropped into the top of the vanity and secured with adhesive caulk. Supply and drain lines must be shut off and cleaned during the process and then reconnected. A minimum of plumbing and construction knowledge is necessary to ensure proper installation of plumbing and fixtures.
Bathroom Remodeling: Make Sure You Have a Plan

In any remodeling project, specific blueprints should be drawn up and measurements made to ensure shower doors may be opened, toilets can be accessed with ample legroom, and bathroom doors can open freely and completely.
Adopted from: homedoctor.net

Inspirations in Designing a Dream Bathroom

On this time, let's inspiring designing a dream bathroom, Imagine it! What more convenient place to get away from it all than right down the hall, in the comfort of your own home? When designed with thought and care, your bathroom can serve as a relaxing retreat from the demands of the day. Color, bathroom lighting, bathroom vanities, bathtub, and another bathroom accessories arrangement are the main keys in creating a dream bathroom. Here are several things to consider in designing a dream bathroom.

elegant bathroom with vanity, bathroom lighting
Elegant Powder Room in Bathroom

Simplicity Rules with Minimalist Design
Minimalism was developed in the 20th century as an artistic movement whose principles stress using a minimum number of colors, shapes, lines and textures. Designers and architects adopted the style, resulting in homes that were spare and simple, yet elegant. Typically, these homes featured architectural forms, uninterrupted planes, and neutral colors.
traditional elegant bathroom with bathroom vanity, storehouse and bathtub
Elegant Traditional Bathroom

Inspired by nature

The minimalist trend draws inspiration from nature. Simple home spas often contain gently flowing water, rich wood, and smooth slate. Colors are calm and neutral, in whites, beiges and grays reminiscent of natural elements such as clouds, sandy beaches, and river rocks.

Clean Lines
The strength of minimalism lies in the efficiency of what exists in the room. Because the room doesn’t contain a lot of furniture or objects, each one needs to be perfectly chosen. Materials matter, and the design of each component is critical. The beauty is in the details.

Best Minimalist Home Style with Neutral Paint and Simple Furnishings

fireplace for minimalist room design, home improvementThe best way to get best minimalist home style is the use of paint and furnishings, neutral paint such as a muted or toned down paint on your wall is one of the first steps in achieving a minimalist home improvement. It can go with anything and it looks relaxing as opposed to using "loud" colors like vibrant reds or yellows. Using a neutral palette keeps you in a safe zone especially if you are decorating your home for the first time. Neutral color goes with anything, whether you have a plain white sofa or a blue sofa, dark or light stained furniture, and it is easy on the eyes. If you must use vibrant color, jut paint one wall which will be your accent wall. This can be used as a focal point, instead of painting all four walls with the same color.

simple furnishing for minimalist design, home improvement
The second way to get a good home style but minimalist is the used of simple furnishings, Some sofas can be too stuffy with big rolled arms and bulky legs. Use a sofa that has clean lines. Choose upholstery that is simple. A plain white or cream-colored sofa is a good choice as opposed to a sofa with bold patterns and designs. A nice dark-blue sofa with a couple of striped pillows in the family room can help hide food accidents or stains. Do not overcrowd with too much furnishings. Keep it simple. A sectional sofa plus a coffee table and side table is enough to decorate a small living room.
Source: www.associatedcontent.com
unique home decorations+bamboo+chair
unique home decorations+bamboo+chairTraditional material such as bamboo and wood usually used in large kinds of furniture, but for modern furniture, we seldom use them as the furniture materials. On this picture, uniquedecor
used an unique bamboo chairs created by Anthony Marschak. The Spring Chair by Modern Bamboo contradicts every normality of a traditional chair. With no legs to stand on, the Spring Chair's fluid design is made of one perfectly formed piece of 100% laminated bamboo. Because bamboo is a strong, durable material, the Spring Chair is able to have a thin, curvaceous profile and remain light weight. Its shape is ribbon-like, which is fitting, since its natural color and form seamlessly weaves in with any modern decor. It's classic simplicity meets modern design at its finest, and with the Modern Bamboo Spring Chair's ergonomic design, it will be as comfortable as it is stylish!

Appropriate Color Compositions for a Best Room Design

unique home modernCreating a best room design should pay attention to the appropriate color composition interdepartmental of each room components. Wall, furniture, decorations, floor, lighting, the functions and the size of the room. A room that usually used especially for night activity such as cafe or dinning bar need minimalist lighting, and unique decorations. Warm and more darkness room make the room looks comfort and romantic.
The use of modern furniture can make the room looks elegant. Glass and metal material with darkness color are suitable decorations for this room, wooden flooring with green warm wall color will matched with the floor. On this design, 2modern create a best color compositions for the room components.

Compare with this room design, on this design we can see the color compositions are used for more attractive purpose, this color compositions used a brighter color with blue, white and green compositions. Living room or a library are the most suitable application.

On this design, uniquedecor brought a green-colored modern designs, an unique decorations inspired by the luck of the Irish! Green is natural, fresh, gender-neutral, and all modern! Using a punch of lime green to the walls, furniture, or decor will add a dramatic and fun flare to the room. Whether you match it with turquoise or contrast it with gray, green, which is the most restful color for the human eye and also associated with peace and safety, is ideal for your relaxing contemporary retreat

How to choose the suitable carpet for our room?

How to choose the suitable carpet for our room? There are a lot of carpet kinds, on of them is the hair carpet. The benefit of hair carpet is on it's soft and warm materials. Before choosing the suitable carpet, we should considering about the function of the carpet later. There are various kinds of the hair carpet were often marketed, The form, the measurement, and the model make the price various too.
carpet choosing for suitable interior
Handmade Carpet

carpet choosing for suitable interior
Wool carpet
carpet choosing for suitable interiorCotton Carpet

Based on the form of the carpet, there are round or circle, the quadrangle, or presage long. Based on the the material there are silk, wool, nylon, polypropylene, and skin carpet. The hair carpet make the room looks comfortable because of the effect of it's softness hairs. Moreover, evidently the hair carpet could also stifle the voice and made the voice more beautiful. With the installation of the hair carpet, then the voice that was produced from home theater will be better and can reduce the noise.

Best home design with natural design

This picture describe a best home natural design, we can see on this picture that this room use a wooden floor with minimalist sofa with similar color from the floor. I found this at best furniture trend, with this wooden this room will looks more elegant.

Choosing Living Room's Hanging Lamp

Which of these hanging lamps is your favorite lamp? Choosing living room's hanging lamp is not easy, the firstly step is consider about the price and the size of the room, use an elegant hanging lamp for wider room, but actually this lamp is the master of the lamp, it's just a decorations, we should provide another more strong lamp to make the room more bright.
hanging lamp 1Don't forget to choose the model of the lamp, on above picture, we can see that glass hanging lamp is suitable for classic room, but on this picture we can see that this lamp is important for a minimalist bur elegant living room. See another room and decorations design on yourdesignsite.com
hanging lamp 2

Best room color compositions, blended warm color

Best room color compositions, blended warm color is the trend of this year color, on these picture, we can see the combinations between pink, green and white color. The dominations of white color is used for door, roof, and floor. The pink color need more lighting, so we should provide sufficient lamp.
best room color compositions+1On this picture we can see the color combinations between white and burgundy color. On this room, we can see that the wall color is similar with the floor. The other things that's important is the decorations, see another design on yourdesignsite.com
best room color compositions+2
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