Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms

bathroom ideas

Bathroom ideas for small bathrooms, are you have just a little space to design your bathroom? or you need to add a simple bathroom on your house, or maybe you want to design a guest bathroom? this bathroom ideas my inspire you how to design a small bathroom, the article was taken from, the topic is about small bathroom ideas, the tips can also be applied for bathroom remodeling ideas, here are the tips:
  • Pick a pearly white color on bathroom tile ideas or bathroom paint ideas, Go with classic white and express your sense of style with the design of the fixtures.
  • Use a sliding door, avoid to use a sing door that need more spacious, try to use a sliding door, you will get a gain additional floor space once reserved for the door swing.
  • Good lighting, Small spaces call for good lighting to avoid feeling cramped and depressing. It’s doubly important in bathrooms where shaving and applying makeup require strong light. So don’t skimp on light fixtures. Instead, consider using both wall-mounted sconces and ceiling-hung fixtures. Remember, windows provide natural light, which is an easy and inexpensive way to open up a small room or small bathroom ideas.
  • Bathroom tile ideas and sink, One way to choose which type of flooring you are going to settle with is see which type of material you used on the sink. Ceramic counter top and tiles will probably be the easiest to find and the most inexpensive. The most expensive of the materials will probably be glass.
  • Bathroom decorating ideas, Bathroom decorating for some of several bathroom ideas can become quite costly, there are some great small bathroom decorating ideas that you can use if your bathroom isn’t huge, selecting the right colored paint, choosing the best bathroom furniture, or you can also call a professional to help you
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Small bedroom ideas for couples

Small bedroom ideas usually adopted by young couples, there are two main problem in designing  small bedroom ideas for young couple. One, Clear the Clutter, Nothing says, "not tonight honey", than a bedroom that is messy and unorganized, Take a quick look at your room? Well, how does it stack up? Laundry put away, bed made, clothes picked up and out of sight? . And two, Get rid of all other distractions, Where is your mind wandering, when you are in your bedroom? Remember, this is about romance and concentrating on just the two of you.
bedroom ideas for couple
bedroom ideas for couple
Small bedroom ideas for couple should be romantic, what ever the bedroom themes you used, we need some fresh flower, scatter rose petals, and lighting ideas. Lighting is very effective in spicing up romance. Light scented candles and position them all over the room. Dim the lights or turn them completely off, so the candlelight can create a romantic glow.
Small bedroom ideas for couples
Small bedroom ideas for couples

Purchase a new set of silk or satin sheets to give your bed a romantic and luxurious look and feel!, Take down the family photos. Choose to display them in another room, you don't want grama and the kids watching you. Instead choose a couple of romantic pictures and or mirrors. Okay, you now have more than a few Romantic Bedroom Ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Now, it's your turn to take these ideas and add your personal touch, to create that romantic haven you've always dreamed about.

Small Bedroom Ideas
Small Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom ideas for teenage girls

Bedroom ideas are today's hot topic, the moment of new year home decoration make the trend on home designs are changing so fast. People try to searching for the trend for each home decoration. Here again, I will share you several bedroom ideas for teenage girls, this post is inspired by bedroom ideas for young adults.

Most of the teen girls bedroom designs are wanted by girls with pink color to explore their romantic feeling. Having lovely and romantic teen girls bedroom become one of the girls dreams as from this room comfort and pleasure can be well experienced by teen girls. Teenage girls are special, they want to decorate her private room in special too, so it's important to adopt her interest or hobby to the theme of the bedroom, Here are some bedroom ideas that you can apply for your teenager.
Bedroom Ideas for Teenage girls
Bedroom Ideas for Teenage girls
Bedroom ideas for teenage girls from
Bedroom ideas for teenage girls from

Bedroom ideas for teenage girls from

Home Theater Rooms Design

Home theater rooms, If you like to watch movie, and sometimes fill more enjoy for watch a movie on your home, why don't you build a personal home theater room? this time I will share you several sample of home theater rooms that you can apply one of them into your house.

Home theater rooms design 1

Personal home theater rooms
custom home theater room
perfect home theater room design

DIY Home Decor Tips and Picture

DIY home decor or Do It by Yourself is mean that all of things that we can do by self in decorating a home, Now I will share you several DIY home decor tips from tipjunkie, it contains of easy step by step to decorate your own house by your self.
DIY Home Decor
The first picture is creating a framed jewelry organizer, and than a photo frame, zig zag rug and The any-paper holder. You can read about how to create a framed jewelry organizer on

DIY home decoration
The 5'th picture is the Painting counter tops 6. Tips to have a beautiful home and keep your pets 7. Thrifty Bedroom: Butterfly Confidence 8. Hanging topiary ball adorned with pink ruffles.

Home Decor tips for New Year Eve

Home decor for new year eve is simple, you can classically decorate your home with the same with last year decoration. Commonly, a new year home decor is just adding several accessories such as balloon, candles, cut of papers, metallic star, etc. Here are the latest SERP about home decor for new year eve:

  1. Change your living room into a cool dance floor. Make a disco ball by buying a plain hand made paper (ball shaped) lamp shade and stick the old compact CD bits on the lamp shade. Place it at the centre of your dance floor and dance with your own disco set up
  2. Showcasing the events that happened in last year. Make a collage of photographs relating to top news stories or personal events mentioning the time and date the events took place.
  3. Consider adding décor into your festivities as well! It can be as simple as adding star punches to your hats and horn blowers or more involved projects if you have time. It's fun to throw confetti, but it can kind of be a pain.
  4. Translate that charm to the everyday by using portable lamps to illuminate any remaining dark or dreary areas in your house.

Your decorations can also be practical. Enter these napkins and stemmed glass markers! Simply punching the corner of your beverage napkins with a star hand punch quickly and easily adds a custom look to an otherwise utilitarian item.
To create drink markers, stamp the clock from the Tartan 'n Time stamp set using the mini stamp press onto assorted, colorful cardstocks so each person can have their own color. Punch out with large squeeze punch and punch out center with pop-up circle punch. Cut a slit from outer edge to center to feed onto stem. Now you have solved any drink confusion in advance as well as added to your festive décor!

Best Home Design for Modern Office Design

Best Home Design for Office
Best Home Design for Office

Best Home design can be applied both for residential or office, this time I will share you several best home ideas for designing  an office. Most of best office design usually used modern architecture and interior design, but actually the most difficult on designing an office is how to choose the best office goods and then combining the goods with the interior theme.

Office environment usually dominated with goods with similar vendor, such as this best home office design with PCs from Mac. People who use PCs may or may not care about the design of their products. Mac users always care. Apple is known for the innovative design of everything it creates from the iPod to the ultra-thin Macbook Air. Not to be outdone by the creators of the products, Mac users challenge themselves to set up their equipment in creative, aesthetically pleasing ways. In other words, Mac users create home and office setups that reflect just how cool they are for using a Mac.

Best Home Design Architecture

Best Home Design
Best Home Design

Best Home Design, as you know that this blog is the best place to browse for best home design, best home architecture, best home decoration and best home trends. I really recommend this blog as a source of best home design. On this time, I will share you several best home design with best architecture.

The process of home design architecture requires you to spend enough time and effort to achieve best results. Best Home Design architecture can be a complicated process if you do not know how to deal and handle it. Perhaps you might need professional to help with your home design plans if you are not pretty sure how will you do it in the first place. But even if you hire professionals to aid you in your home design plans you still have to know a few guidelines to achieve the best.

Here are several ideas to achieve best home design
1. Set your budget for the home plans
The first thing that you should consider as you begin the process of home design is by knowing how much you are willing to spend. Your budget will determine the extent and limit of your home design plans.

2. Choose the best home design plans
Home design can give your home a newer and fresher look and if ever you live by the house which design you do not prefer, the need for home remodeling and decorating is absolute. The new home design must be according to what your heart desires that reflects your personality.
3. Think of home design that just need simple remodeling in both present and future needs
Unless you have the capacity to change your home design in a matter of few years, you can have design that will cater only your present needs. But if you can’t do that then you should consider a home design that can satisfy both your present and future needs.
4. Hire best home decorator with professional jobs
Home design planning can be easy if you know specifically what you need and what you want, but putting it in action can be the most critical one. That is why many opt to hire professionals that can help them in achieving best results.

Gazebo Plans for your Garden

Gazebo Plans
Gazebo Plans

Gazebo plans are used for completing your garden with a small building that can be used for rest while enjoying your garden, there are a lot of information about gazebo plans on internet, most of the sources of the information tell you about how to build, installing, or designing a gazebo.

Gazebo Plans Installation

Installing a gazebo in your yard or garden is the perfect way to create a welcoming retreat for family and friends to enjoy the scenery and lounge outdoors. Depending on your garden's style, there is more than likely a variety of gazebo designs that will suit your style, landscape and pocketbook. The subsequent article discusses gazebo installation and design to suit any garden style. 

The most commonly found gazebo designs resemble Victorian style structures; these are generally built from wood that can be left natural or painted white typically. This type of style is still popular in both public and private gardens. Kits can readily be found at home improvement and garden centers. Of course, an enterprising builder can even design a plan to perfectly suit the setting. Victorian style gazebos may be simple affairs with floor, railings and roofs or highly ornate with built-in benches, stairs and ramps. These designs are generally open-air structures but it is possible to incorporate screens for those areas with significant mosquito populations. 

Many Victorian style gazebos also feature climbing plants. For example, the gazebo's base may be constructed with lattice-work which is the perfect support for English ivy or climbing roses. When settled within the garden, this becomes the perfect backdrop for any setting. For a romantic and secluded arrangement, consider installing tall trellises around the gazebo and hang baskets of flowers from hooks along the gazebo's rim. This style is perfectly adapted to formal English style gardens or rustic country landscapes.

For Oriental gardens, consider outfitting your yard with a pagoda-style gazebo. The wood could be left natural or painted black and red and then heavily lacquered for dramatic effect. There are many Oriental garden ornaments and plants to select to surround your gazebo for an overall great effect. Consider suspending hanging lanterns around the open sections of the pavilion or installing a small garden pond nearby filled with Chinese goldfish. A strictly formal garden can always incorporate a Victorian style gazebo, but consider one made from brick or even stone. Such construction materials will be more costly, but they will also endure the elements quite well and add a stately charm to any formal estate. These gazebos could even be fitted with windows to enjoy the outdoors behind glass in cold or stormy weather. This style could be built right off the house or set somewhere in the landscape overlooking a ridge perhaps or a stream.

Some gardeners prefer a very understated or minimalist approach when it comes to style and a gazebo need not be an ornate or overstated structure to work well. A rustic square style with four posts, a floor and a roof can provide all that is necessary to enjoy the outdoors. Such gazebos are perfect places for outdoor entertaining. A simple set of tables and chairs along with a few lovely containers for plants and you've created a wonderful outdoor room. source

Modern Bedroom Design for Small House

Modern bedroom design not only can be applied for luxury or an elegant house, a small house with minimalist style can also used this modern theme. Here are several information and sample picture of modern bedroom design for small house.
Who knows, with a few this decorative, you might be able to remodel your own bedrooms to similar effect. Below picture is a modern bedroom design with amazing lighting, if you love soft illumination and hate to sacrifice privacy, this bedroom interior has a brilliant combination of strategies from uplighting around the bed itself to wall panels that block direct views and sunlight but let light in around them.
Modern Bedroom Design
Another ideas to get a modern bedroom design for a small house is combining the bedroom with bathroom, below picture is one of modern bedroom that combined with similar theme bathroom.
Ultramodern bedroom and bathroom design
 And here are another image of modern bedroom design that especially designed for small house, apartment, residence, etc.

Modern Bedroom Design in white color

Warm modern bedroom design
Warm modern bedroom design

Modern Bedroom design with black and white
Modern Bedroom design with black and white

Modern Bedroom design with minimalist ancient furniture
Modern Bedroom design with minimalist ancient furniture

Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Design Ideas
Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom design ideas are everything that should be considered to build a good bathroom, it also important to ensure that the bathroom has a good function and performance. If you browse via online search engine, you will shown much of bathroom design ideas with various category and style.

In home designs, bathrooms are often given low priority. During a remodel, the bathroom may fall by the wayside behind more public spaces like the kitchen. ­But it doesn't have to be that way. Every popular decorating style can be interpreted for the bath. On the other hand, the bath is one place you can indulge in styles that depart from those used in the rest of the house.

One of best bathroom design ideas is the modern bathroom ideas, a modern bathroom design is a design of bathroom with modernity based on latest trend in home design. A modern bathroom design used latest sophisticated technology on each bathroom component, Here are several pictures of modern bathroom design ideas.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Another ideas on bathroom design is Luxury style

Luxury bathroom design ideas usually used by an elegant house, hotel or classic house, At current bathrooms become much more high tech stylish and multifunctional. To meet the increasing wants and demands of consumers bath and shower manufacturers created state-of-the art fixtures aimed at delivery comfort comfort and ease and fashion to home owners.

Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas
"Contemporary" is less a structured concept and more a way of life. Contemporary is cool and clean and can be as casual or as elegant as you please. Because so much of a bath is dominated by modern fixtures anyway, many people simply choose contemporary style, regardless of what they're using in the rest of the house. In general, contemporary style appears simpler than traditional: Curves are looser and more sculptural; squared-off angles are commonplace; surface details are minimized or eliminated; and textures, rather than representational images, offer interest.
Contemporary bathroom design ideas
Contemporary bathroom design ideas

Black and White Bathroom Decor

Black and White bathroom decor ideas from this blog may inspire you to build your favorite bathroom design with black and white color. Black and white color combination may become one of best color combination that can bring a sense of sophisticated elegance and luxurious. Black and white bathroom decor is how to use black and white color combination as a basic color. Black color symbolizes a dark side and white color symbolizes a bright side, after that we can also adding more accessories with different color such as orange, purple or red, and here are the samples.
Black and White Bathroom Decor
Black and White Bathroom Decor
This black and white bathroom decor is one of the best color combination, with minimalist furniture, this modern bathroom used an awesome decoration in each bathroom component.

black and white bathroom decor with tiles
black and white bathroom decor with tiles
 There are a lot of way to give your bathroom decor with black and white, above picture is one of best black and white bathroom decor with tiles, choose the black tiles for flooring or wall. A black and white bathroom can be dramatic, elegant and timeless. This classic color combination has stood the test of time from the vintage bathrooms of yesteryear to today's modern bathroom.
black and white bathroom decor ideas
black and white bathroom decor ideas

A touch of black and white in selected areas draws the eye and can enhance architectural features. Black will absorb light, whilst white is the ultimate reflector of light. Grey, being a combination of the two, can be ideal to create a softer effect.

Combine charcoal grey with the palest of silvery grey for a variation on the black and white theme. It can also be a great way to turn a standard bathroom vanity into a unique piece. Mask off areas to be painted in various patterns or have a look at the huge selection of available wallpapers or vinyl to spruce up a cabinet.

Single Bedroom Design for Apartment

Single Bedroom Design
Single Bedroom Design

Single bedroom design usually designed for small house too, apartment, guest house, small hotels, etc. On this time I will share you several picture of single bedroom design for apartment. As we know that an apartment is a single space, or small house that rented for single person or small family.

 Before renting an apartment, people usually will asking about the bedroom, it's important to considering the convenience of the room such as the bedroom and another space on the apartment, because most of apartments have limited space, so most of apartments have single bedroom design.

Here are the tips for choosing an apartments even though they have just a single bedroom design:
  • Ensuring that the bedroom is convenience with sufficient lighting system, well air circulation and air conditioning system, good sanitary with indoor bathroom.
  • Try to choose an apartment with sufficient spacious, it's important because we will saving our goods in just one room.
  • The apartment should completed with sufficient furniture storage or wall storage to get more efficient spacious.
  • Choose a smart and good color of the room, it's important because specific color has special effect to the temperature and lighting system.

Small Bathroom Designs for Minimalist House

Small Bathroom Designs
Small Bathroom Designs

Small bathroom designs are the best solution for minimalist house, in a small house, all of the rooms are important, so we should considering the detail size and design of the rooms. Here are several important steps to make your small bathroom with some refreshing shades. Apply Refreshing Shades in Small Bathroom
  • Apply blue color which is a receding color and always opens up small spaces.
  • Use light colors on walls and ceiling in small spaces so that your bathroom may look large, open and airy. 
  • Small bathroom designs are sensitive in color choice, try to use soft and cool colors for doors, cabinets as it makes bathroom larger.
  • Avoid dark/strong colors in bathroom such as red, orange and bright yellow.
  • Use your space wisely In order to make the area look its best. Make sure you have a different area to store things such as deodorant and other toiletries.
  • Make sure that you choose items that are smaller than the average item when you are picking out fixtures and accessories.
  • Use of mirrors and lighting could make a huge difference in how the entire room looks when you install mirrors and the right lighting into smaller spaces 
Small bathroom designs in black and white
Small bathroom designs in black and white

    Using your creative imaginations to decorate small bathroom designs are very important in order to get the look and feel that you want. If you don’t have money and live in a home with small bathroom, and you want to fix your small bathroom, take a look of these few-most basic small bathroom designs that will save your money.

    Living Room Decoration with Storage Furniture And Wall Units

    Living room decoration
    Living room decoration

    Living room decoration ideas are the most important things to make your living area become the most favorite place in your home, one of the basic ideas in living room decoration is applying a storage furniture and wall units.  Extremely versatile both as components as color choices, living room decor and living room spaces that are beautiful, classy, trendy yet comfortable may not seem easy, but a look below will come in handy. These living room decor and storage solutions could please everybody.

    Wall storage for living room decoration
    Wall storage for living room decoration

    These contemporary living room decor samples and examples besides being extremely practical also are aesthetic and highly customizable. Also we run a steady stream of cool posts like for different room decors and you could find many more ideas for decorating your rooms here. If you would like to get updated with new ideas for your living room, bedroom decor or bathroom decor or even outdoor furniture subscribe to our daily emails and read our new posts daily. Subsequently we would also send our readers a booklets with every 100 articles that we publish. Living Room Decoration section is one of the most important section of our blogs.
    furniture storage and wall unit for living room decoration
    furniture storage and wall unit for living room decoration

    Best Bathroom Design with Fengshui

    Best Bathroom Design
    Best Bathroom Design

    Best bathroom design is the hottest trend and the most wanted bathroom design, the basic concept to build a best bathroom design is building the bathroom with the latest and the most wanted design, you can search the design via online search engine or reading some home design magazine. In China, most of building used basic concept of Feng Shui, and now Feng Shui become the basic principles to create and design a building. So, There are also much of best bathroom design that used Feng Shui principles too. 

    In Feng Shui, the bathroom is a sanctuary where you cleanse the body and nurture yourself. With Feng Shui, you can create the best bathroom design that refresh you in the morning, like spa atmosphere. The best bathroom design with Feng Shui has considered all aspects of bathroom needs, like lighting, coloring, ventilation, layout, etc. Here are pictures the best bathroom design with Feng Shui for your inspiration. For more details about the best bathroom design with Feng Shui.

    Best Home Design Pictures and Lighting

    best home design with lighting
    best home design with lighting

    Most of my blog's contents are talking about best home design pictures, here are several of best home design with amazing lighting design. The best home design is a concept house that can be classified into the choice of many people today. Best home design photos can you make with a design that you can take by clicking the image that is in this web. The windows are large and long to be resulting in a beautiful view and also draws on the best home design photos. The luxurious white color will make a spectacular appearance on the best home design photos. Pond located at the rear of home will make a fresh impression in the match with a beautiful view on the best home design photos. Futuristic design that will create an atmosphere of luxury on the best home design photos.

    Best home design
    Best home design

    Interior and exterior lighting make it be a best home design
    Lighting can change everything, by installing a proportional lighting for both interior and exterior, you house may become a best home design, lighting can improve the feature of decoration, color and theme.

    How to Make Your Bathroom a Sanctuary

    Sanctuary Bathroom

    Is your bathroom a place where you indulge your senses, relax, unwind and breathe in the pleasant aroma of flowers and oils? If not then you are missing out on the divine pleasure that comes with having a beautiful bathroom sanctuary.

    Here are a few easy tips that will have your bathroom looking, feeling and smelling like an expensive spa in no time. Here are a few easy tips that will have your bathroom looking, feeling and smelling like an expensive spa in no time.

    Clean Up
    The first step on the way to bathroom heaven is to clean it. That’s right people. If it’s not clean, no amount of paint and accessories will help. Grab a bottle of bleach and scrub that grout, pull that clump of hair out of the plug hole and hold your breath while you scour the toilet bowl until it sparkles. Cleaning the bathroom may absolutely be the worst job in the world but it will be worth it in the end. You’ll see. 

    A new coat of paint is an easy way to give your bathroom a make-over. If you are going for a relaxing spa vibe then choose a warm earthy tone or a muted turquoise, depending on the existing tile colour. Sheens are good for the bathroom as they can take the steam and make sure you have thoroughly cleaned the walls before starting. Never paint over mould.

    Nothing says luxury like a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers in the bathroom. Roses, Lavender, Orchids or anything with a scent will add an instant touch of class to your bathroom. Pictures of flowers on the wall will make the room seem more spa-like and inspire joy and happiness in people. Stick-on wall decal can also make an impression. Go for images of Lotus Flowers, Blossoms or Orchids they have all become universal symbols of peace and tranquillity.

    Pillar candles cost as little as a few dollars these days and the great thing is they look fancy. You can’t tell the difference between an expensive, scented candle and a cheap one until you light it. Arrange clusters of them around the bath and along window ledges then put a few special scented ones in the mix. Who wants to smell five different scented candles at once anyway?

    Bottles and Jars
    Do away with the ugly containers that your body-wash and shampoo from the supermarket come packaged in and invest in some pretty glass jars, bottles and soap dispensers. They make your cheaper products look spa worthy and things like bath crystals and bombs appear good enough to eat when displayed in a glass jar. You can buy them or make them out of coffee jars and honey pots. You can even use old pasta jars and grandmas special dishes for holding cotton balls or bath crystals. 

    Bigger is better when it comes to towels and fluffy, warm, big towels are even better than that. They don’t have to be the finest Egyptian cotton however a huge, fresh and fluffy towel is one of the most comforting things you will ever see when stepping out of a hot bath or shower. Choose peaches and cream colours or honey tones to add subtle hints of colour or play it safe with white. For the finishing touch - roll them up, you’ll think you have just walked into a spa.

    Keep essential oils in the bathroom to either drop in the bath or to use in a pretty oil burner. Certain oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender have many useful medicinal purposes too. Lavender in the bath smells delicious and has anti-bacterial properties. Tea tree in the bath can help skin rashes, itches and infections as it has powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Eucalyptus has excellent decongestant properties and opens the airways up, burn or put a few drops in the bath if you are having sinus trouble. Aroma sticks that are soaked in floral or citrus oils make excellent air fresheners for the toilet. They last for ages and smell better than most aerosol air fresheners.

    How to Improve Your Homes Curbside Appeal

    To improve your homes curbside appeal install security doors, put up a veranda, plant
    garden and put down outdoor pavers.
    There are a number of things you can do to improve the look of your home from the front, or
    it's curbside appeal. If you are planning on ever selling your home this is something you should
    definitely be conscious of doing as it is this first impression that will influence potential buyers
    whether or not they will come in and have a better look or make further enquiries. You can
    improve your garden, add security doors or security screens to your windows or even build a front
    veranda design
    veranda design

    Security doors

    Security doors do not need to be just a steel door with wire on it to keep out the bugs. There
    are many styles of security doors, some which incorporate good looks into their secure design.
    Depending on the layout of the front of your home you could have a larger iron wrought security
    door that is more of a gate, with intricate patterns and designs that will vastly improve the look of
    your home. Contact a company specialising in security doors and you will see there is a whole
    range of different products to suit your style of home.

    Security screens

    Putting security screens on your windows will appeal to anyone wanting to buy your house because
    they will feel happier knowing their future investment is secure. Security screens no longer have to
    be ugly attachments to your windows that block out the view. Security screens will keep out any
    intruders and insects but let you keep the window open to let in the breeze, while not disturbing
    your view.


    Install a veranda along the front of your home and you will greatly improve the look of it. A
    veranda can give you home a more period look, it gives you somewhere to sit out of the sun and
    will keep the rooms along the front of your house cooler as the veranda will shade them from the
    hot sun.


    A garden will definitely make a difference to the look of your home from the curb. If your land
    slopes away, or if your house is built down lower than the front pathway you may need to build
    a retaining wall. Build any structures that you need to first before sowing any lawn and planting
    plants. Roses are easy to look after and always look beautiful. For a garden that is simple to look
    after you might want to choose a more minimalist style of garden or native plants which will thrive
    in your environment.

    Outdoor paving

    Paving will look great in your garden. You can lay a pathway to your front door or around to a

    side gate way. You might choose sandstone pavers or other stone like blue stone. Pebbles look
    nice along the side of pavers, or you can use them around your garden.

    Water feature

    You might choose to have something like a water feature in the centre of your front lawn to break
    up your garden. Another idea is having a statue of some kind or an ornamental tree like a Weeping
    Cherry or Japanese Maple.

    Kitchen Designs and Decororations Tips

    When decorating your kitchen remember to have enough storage, plan your kitchen around the fridge, bench and stove being in a triangle and pick a colour to suit the style of room.

    There are a few things you should consider when decorating your kitchen. As well as planning a stylish and pleasant looking kitchen to suit your tastes you also want something that is functional. If you are building a new home you might want to choose your major appliances first, such as your Bosch dishwasher, and build your kitchen to comfortably fit. Once your have finished decorating your kitchen don't forget to check that any improvements are included in your contents insurance.
    Kitchen Designs

    Every kitchen needs plenty of storage space. You want to be able to put all your smaller appliances, such as the mixer, the toaster and slow cooker away. If you don't have space for them they end up sitting on the bench and give your kitchen a cluttered look. Have big deep drawers where you can store your pots and pans, have a specific cupboard or drawer for your plastic containers, which always seem to take up a lot of space, and create bigger shelves or drawers that will hold your small appliances.

    The working triangle
    For your kitchen to function as a proper working space you should have three main parts of your kitchen joined up by an invisible triangle. That is you can easy walk from the fridge, to the stove and to the bench in a triangle shape. Having this working triangle shape within your kitchen means that you will save time when cooking, that is you are not walking from one end to the other constantly, and cooking will be much easier. 

    Quality appliances
    When choosing appliances make sure you go for quality brands. If it is a matter of a few hundred dollars you are better to save that bit longer and get the better quality product or the one that you really want. Having a good quality fridge and dishwasher are important, as well as the oven that you really want. 

    When decorating your kitchen you will most likely choose a style to match the rest of your house. If you have a period home then you will want to have a more old fashioned kitchen. You can buy old fashioned tap ware and sinks, such as the Butler sink or the Farm House style sink. There are great modern kitchen designs which are simple and uncluttered. There are plenty of magazines available where you can gain inspiration in choosing the right style of kitchen to suit your home. 

    Make sure your kitchen is as light as possible both during the day and in the evening. If the kitchen windows are small you might want to consider renovating and putting in bigger windows to let in more natural light. If this isn't feasible you could always put in a sky light. Having spot lights over your bench is a good idea so that you can see properly when you are cooking. 

    Kitchens look great in most colours. For something bright and cheerful yellow looks great. White or cream are flexible shades that give you the option to change the colour in your kitchen just by changing the colour of your accessories or brightening the room with flowers. For a modern kitchen you might want to try a vibrant red or dramatic black paint. In an old fashioned or country style kitchen any shade of blue or green looks great or more neutral tones.

    Luxury Bedroom Designs and Decors for Teenage Girls

    Teen girls always requesting a something special in every thing, that's why on this time I will share you a luxury bedroom designs and decors especially for teenage girls. Many optional features of bedroom decor for teen girls such as sporting, minimalist, retro style, pink-themed, romantic, purple-themed and etc.., this is one of the luxury bedroom decor for teen in smooth colors allowing for it to become more luxury rooms. Bedroom could demonstrate how they want to express themselves because of bedroom is a place to spend most of their time when at home. This time, one of the luxury decor for teenage girls “Pop” is from Altamoda. All luxury, a soft bed and very beautiful in the mix of bright colors, accessory and luxury bedding sets throughout the design looked very appealing in a modern style of luxury. Just feel free and take a look of this..
    Luxury Bedroom Designs for Teenage Girls

    Bathroom on Luxury Teen Bedroom

    Teen Bedroom Designs

    Extremely Unique Architecture Design of Upside Down Home Idea

    Unique Architecture Design Upside Down Home
    Unique Architecture Design Upside Down Home
    Have you ever seen the house upside down? When you come to a region that has recently occurred earthquake, then you will easily find it. And in a state badly damaged, of course. But it would be different if you came to visit Szymbark, a small village in Poland. There was a famous house, visited by many people because it has extremely unique architecture design. The uniqueness of this famous design, because it was built upside down. This upside down house project was designed by Daniel Czapiewski, a Polish bussinesman and philanthropist.

    Requires 114 days to build this house, much longer than build a normal house that is usually completed within three weeks. That is because the workers are confused, disoriented, in understanding the idea of ​​building the upside down home. The walls are generally built straight, it must be built with a slash. So is the case with certain parts that belong in the top, turn under. Not only the workers who like to be disoriented, even if you do not see these images, might have trouble understanding the upside down home design presented in this article.

    From the overall picture in this article, you can see that all parts of the house was built upside down. In fact, to reinforce the impression, the upper house looks like a building foundation. In our imagination, can probably imagine there is a giant coming, then unplug the house and its foundation from the ground. But then the giant made ​​a mistake by putting the house upside down. Of course, this is just an ordinary joke, because it is in fact a unique architecture design of the upside down home really exist in Poland. If there is spare time, could become one of the objects to be visited. And don't forget, take pictures in front of the house as proof that you really have to visit it. [via]
    Unique Architecture Design Idea
    Unique Architecture Design Idea
    Extremely Unique Architecture Design Upside Down Home
    Extremely Unique Architecture Design Upside Down Home
    Unique Home Architecture Design_3
    Unique Home Architecture Design_3

    Modern Architecture Design Applied to Vodafone Headquarters Building by Barbosa & Guimaraes

    Vodafone's Modern Architecture Design
    Vodafone's Modern Architecture Design
    Vodafone has a new building as their headquarters, located in Porto Portugal. The building design uses a modern architecture, designed by Barbosa & Guimaraes. Building that serves as the new headquarters, has a slogan Vodafone "Vodafone Life, Life in Motion". When we look more carefully, the first image above, the building has an irregular shape, with many facets as a display face. Maybe we will be stunned while thinking: "How is it possible to make structural design like that?" Concrete structure be the answer to your question. Yes, this building is dominated by the performance of the functions of concrete structural and exterior. In many building designs, we know, more concrete functioned to support the structure. But in this Vodafone headquarters building design, concrete plasticity optimized to obtain a design that is truly unique and unusual. One thing we can learn here, that the concrete can carry out multiple functions properly, structure and exterior function.

    When peeled from the technical point of view, this building has a high complexity. With an unusual concrete structures, clearly reduce support for building on it, but to provide flexibility in terms of interiors. On the ground floor which is right next to the auditorium, a room overlooking the Boavista Avenue, cafeteria and offices. While on four floors above the office a place to work, an open space and terrace. Going down to the basement, floors -3 and floor -2 serve as parking vehicles, and the -1 floor is occupied by a technical field and functioned as a training room. This design is sufficient for a building that serves as an office. [via]
    Vodafone Interior Modern Architecture Design
    Vodafone Interior Modern Architecture Design
    Modern Architecture Design and Interior Furniture
    Modern Architecture Design and Interior Furniture
    Modern Architecture Design Vodafone Headquarters Exterior
    Modern Architecture Design Vodafone Headquarters Exterior
    Modern Architecture Design Landscape Gardening
    Modern Architecture Design Landscape Gardening
    Modern Architecture Design Vodafone Headquarters Building
    Modern Architecture Design Vodafone Headquarters Building

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