Minimalist and Modern Home of B House in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

If you have a limited space to build a house, you can adopt this minimalist and modern home design of B House in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Well designed by i.House Architecture and Construction, the house only used 82.0 sqm with split level on first level, second level and roof level. The focal point in design is not in the “double-skin house” plan but a small garden in the middle of the house, where all spatial separation is abolished that let all members of family gather and dispel tiredness every day after work together.

Cafe Interior Design of Infinitea in Bangalore - India

Cafe interior design of Infinitie in Bangalore, India. Bangalore boasts of a splendid coffee culture, but is also home to a number of tea joints. Infinitea being the most important and oldest of them. It is the pioneer in this newly emerged concept of tea-lounges. It was set up in 2003 by Gaurav Saria, the owner of four tea estates in West Bengal. There are over 150 tea varieties from all around the world that are being served there, the most famous being- ‘Stupa’. The bright and modern interior design gives a complete tea experience with snippets of information, pictures and posters all around.

This is some information about this cafe:

Timings: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Food Type: Continental, Italian, Chinese
Price: Moderate
Payment Methods: Visa, Master, Cash
Ambiance: Candle Light, Celeb Frequented
Known For: 125 types of tea from all over the world served here
Average Meal for Two: Rs.500
Meal Type: Lunch, Dinner
Features: Large Group Friendly, Private Area

Cafe Interior Design of Kith with Custom Made Furniture by Hjgher

Cafe Interior Design is a hot topic in home design, such as this unique cafe on Singapore, this is Kith Cafe. Designed by Singapore based Hjgher Studi, The new cafe features custom-made flexible and movable furniture units. Here is some information by the Kith CafĂ©, “It was not just a matter of coming up with a Kith Cafe, but creating a complete Kith experience. This meant no fancy lampshades, mass-manufactured furniture, or unnecessarily printed materials were to be used in its interior. Instead, the focus was on delivering an unassuming space that could support Kith’s honest philosophy and ethos.

I love the furniture design, The custom-made furniture for the seating area was designed to be flexible and movable, to break down personal space barriers and encourage customers to interact. To maximize floor space, most modular blocks can double as either a table or a bench; and even used to seat two people instead of one as needed. This way, the small space can accommodate a group of up to twenty. For more details, you can visit

Beautiful garden that will make your house more convenience

Hi readers. .
I found this awesome picture of beautiful garden on my Google plus time line. And i think it's an amazing garden and landscape idea to make your house looks more convenience.

Colorful Interior Design for 2014 Trend - Bedroom, Kitchen, Dining Room

Interior design for 2014 seems to be more colorful and attractive, after browsing on my Google Plus account, I found these several amazing interior design that may be the trend for 2014. The trends are applied for bedroom, kitchen and dining room, take a look on the gallery below.
Just click on the picture to see full size, this is a color combination of purple and white that applied on the bedroom. Suitable for teenage girl's bedroom who has an attractive hobbies.
But if you have a child, this colorful bedroom is one of the best choice, all the colors are become the trend now, take a look on the furniture, all the furniture are designed with minimalist and modern.
Orange color can adding more warmth into a room, I love this kitchen that has a back splash near the cabinet that colored in orange.
Well, soft blue color that combined with white still be a favorite choice, I love this dining room with transparent glass table.
This is another colorful ideas for dining room and kitchen, just share all this picture with your friends.

Minibar design of Malioboro Palace Hotel Yogyakarta

Minibar still be one of important place in a hotel. The minibar should be designed to give a convenience. This is the minibar of Malioboro Palace Hotel Yogyakarta.  Located in Yogyakarta city, Indonesia.

Natural lighting for living room with large glass window

Living room needs sufficient lighting to facilitate all the activities. Its a good idea to optimize the lighting by using natural daylight entering the room from wondow.  On this post, i share you some pictures of living room with natural lighting.

Romantic bedroom design with curtain and lighting

Romantic bedroom design can be achieved by decorating the room with special lighting and curtain. This is one sample picture of romantic bedroom that may inspire you to create a romantic environment on the bedroom.

Pink color for teen girl's bedroom

Hi.. are you have a planning to design bedroom for your daughter?
I hope this pink colored modern bedroom could be your favorite choice. .

Decorating ideas for 2014 trend of contemporary living room

Living room become important since the living area is the focal point in a house. For 2014 trend of interior design, here again several awesome collection of contemporary living room pictures that may become your inspiration for designing your favorite house. Please feel free to share all pictures on this blog with your friends.

New collection of modern bedroom ideas for modern home

Hi readers. Now i will share you several modern bedroom. Suitable for hotels, apartment, and any residential building.

Best Guest Room with contemporary interior design

Are you interesting in creating a guest house, if you so, this gallery may become your inspiration to design a comfortable guest house with it's modern and contemporary interior design. Check this gallery!
Twin beds are especially suited to the guest room as they offer versatile sleeping arrangements for overnight visitors. A chic upholstered double wide headboard takes these beds to a new level of visual interest. Contemporary benches offer both beauty and functionality. 

Modern interior decoration that will make you feel Wow

Hi there. I want to share you this awesome picture of modern interior design. I found this amazing contemporary pict on my Facebook timeline. Check it out

Indoor Lights Gallery that Inspire You to Create Modern Interior

Indoor lights system can improve the value of the room, inspired by an article on about indoor lights, I want to share you several amazing picture of interior lighting ideas, You can put one of the idea to apply into your house.
Indoor lights with LED recessed lamps to create a natural lights look
This first picture is an amazing LED down lights with recessed lamp, suitable for the rooms that want to create a natural lights by using several lamps.
Romantic Dining room with recessed lamps and pendant lamps
Do you have a project to design a dining room, so, this indoor lights ideas could be one of your inspiration. All the recessed lamps are installed near the wall to create an unique lighting effect. While the pendant lamps are installed above the table.

How about bathroom? bathroom need more lighting than other rooms, it because bathroom is used for taking a bath. A good lighting of bathroom can create a convenience of the room. But if you want to create a luxury bathroom, these LED recessed lamp bathroom is an amazing idea.

Home Decor Ideas with Unique and Cheap Accessories

When you have a plan to decorate your home with several accessories, you will need to spend much accessories in several place. But now, after all things can be bought via online transaction. Now, its easy to choose the most favorite accessories with unique design and the cheap price. After browsing on amazon, Here are several unique accessories that may suitable for your home decor plan.

Corner Zig Zag Wall Shelf
Shelves are useful to organize small goods,  Attaches to both sides of the wall with only 2 nails or screws. Just wipe clean. This shelf also designed in contemporary design. Constructed with MDF and laminate construction. Here is this awesome pic!

Corner Zig Zag Wall Shelf

By installing this corner shelf, I agree that you will be helped to configure your small goods on this shelf.

Unique Lighting with Candle Holder Wall Sconce
Lighting is important in home decor, it's a great idea to decorate your interior with artistic lighting such as this Modern Art Candle Holder Wall Sconce Plaque Set Of Two. Add a chic, modernistic look to any room with this striking pair of candle sconces! Matte black finish lends drama to slender curved metal wall plaques; each supporting a clear glass votive cup. Why not add your favorite brightly-colored candles for an ultra-artistic display? Iron with glass cups.
Candle Holder Wall Sconce for unique and cheap home decor
Wall Sticker
Wall sticker is the easiest and the cheapest way to decorate your home in a quick time. Try to choose an artistic but simple wall sticker such as this Home Removable Recycling Wall Sticker Decals Black Tree Black Butterfly with White Flowers that may suitable for your living room or bedroom decoration. Become an interior decorator and transform your living space from ordinary to extraordinary with these unique stickers! With these stickers you'll be sure to add plenty of color, depth, fun, and individuality apart from the average home.

Abstract art decorative canvas print
This decorative canvas print is popular now, you can easily choose the best theme to design in order to adjust with your interior theme.Take a look on this awesome Abstract Art In Black White Red Decorative Wall Decorative Canvas Print, Easy to apply - just peel and stick!, Removable and reposition-able with no sticky residue.
Abstract Art In Black White Red Decorative Wall Decorative Canvas Print

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