Best Idea for Contemporary Home Design

Contemporary home design still be the best choice for today's best home design, contemporary home or modern home enables you to build your own home with popular layout and style. Most of contemporary home's concepts are designed to optimized the use of the spacious. Below pictures are several best ideas for your dream home design with contemporary style. You can pick one of them to apply with your home design.
Contemporary home design - outdoor views
Design with simplicity and multi function

Most of contemporary home design are designed with minimalist and simple, so all of the spacious are optimized. One of the most important aspects of modern design is the use of available space and furniture with multiple functions. For example, platform bed, a little, and therefore, the storage system. This is to prevent the storage of it in places like attics, etc. that are not so elegant. Another example of station equipment, which is formed by the use of advanced console table. Use of sofa bed can solve object-bank during the day and sleep at night. The bed can also be designed metal requires minimum space and provide maximum comfort.

Modern materials vs natural materials

Glass is one of the most favorite material that usually used for constructing modern house, glass enables you to create a transparent view, so it will make some limited spacious looks larger.

Contemporary home design with natural and modern materials

Decorative Accessories

The decorative accessories you choose should have clean lines, color coordinate with the rest of your design scheme, and pull the larger elements of a room together. Be careful when choosing wall hangings and paintings for a modern house, you should choose a style of art that is modern, contemporary, eclectic or avant-garde. For example, if you were to put a Victorian painting into a modern room, no matter how nice the painting is, it will not fit into the style of the room’s design. Keep this in mind when choosing other types of decorative accessories as well. Also, remember that when decorating or designing a modern home, less is more. You do not want to over-accessorize, doing so will take away from the chic simplicity that defines modern design. Choose just a few accessories you like for one room. 

Decorative accessories in minimalist home

Modern Fashion Store Design of Hofstede Optiek in Hague, Netherlands

When you visiting this modern fashion store, you will say "WOW", an amazing fashion store that located in Hague, Netherlands. This modern fashion store design is named Hofstede Optiek, well designed by Dutch designer Alexander Nowotny. The interior design is so amazing, combination between modern and cozy atmosphere in the same time. This is a good example of fresh approach to fashion store interior design.
Modern Fashion Store Design of Hofstede Optiek<
Modern Fashion Store Design of Hofstede Optiek

Glasses and sunglasses are fashion accessories today, so this place also decorate as well as a boutique of luxury clothes. Glasses always linked with something clear and clean, to get the best similar meaning with that, the dominant element of interior fashion shop is the combination of white-plastered surfaces and strongly grained zebrano wood surfaces. For modern looks, steel, chrome, glass and perspex were used. The floor is made of white and black ground natural stone, with an admixture of a silver metallic effect, and looks medium-grey. The result is very inviting atmosphere in fashionable style.
Modern Fashion Store Design of Hofstede Optiek front door
Modern Fashion Store Design of Hofstede Optiek front door

The fashion store interior ideas here is designed all of a piece. It is a harmonious composition, a walk-in sculpture. Pleasant feelings and associations with the warmth and security of the interior of a body should be generated. All load-bearing walls and the ceilings are covered with facing elements. Upon every movement in the shop, the effect of this fascinating composition of curved, slanted, rising and falling lines changes as the perspective changes. The impact is enhanced by the use of mirrors which visually enlarge the room and seemingly eliminate its boundaries, the walls and ceilings.
Modern Fashion Store Design of Hofstede Optiek interior
Modern Fashion Store Design of Hofstede Optiek interior

Amazing Poolside Area Design with Modern Architecture

Swimming is one of favorite activity to make your body feel fresh, so it's a great idea to complete your home with a poolside. Poolside Poolside area can actually be one of the houses that can be used to add beauty to the home. You can design the poolside area with a modern style with beautiful surrounding scenery. You can relax in the poolside area to enjoy the beauty of the overall design of poolside area. You can also make the poolside area as one of the romantic and memorable. For that you should really pay attention to the design of the poolside area so you can feel comfortable while in the area. Here are some of the poolside area of modern design ideas with beautiful looks. Poolside area is designed with modern style and combined with the natural impression of beautiful looks. Please see some of  this special design of the poolside area that can give you the impression of a stunning outdoor designs on the image below:

Modern Indoor Poolside
Modern Indoor Poolside
Modern outdoor poolside design
Modern outdoor poolside design
Romantic poolside design with amazing views
Romantic poolside design with amazing views

Gallery of Living Room Design with Great Views

Living room design become a focal point in a house, so its a great idea if we have a living room with special views such as on below pictures. I found this amazing collection of great living room design with a great view from deand-unlimited, I hope this gallery will inspire you and give you a great experience in home design. Clear your busy mind and take a wander with us through this parade of stunning living rooms.

The first picture is a wooden living room from Ando Studio, designed with wood ceiling and floor, this living room is covered with a set of glass wall,  Here are the pictures.

wooden living room with wood ceiling and floor

glassed wall living room with a great view
Above picture is another great living room with an amazing view, If you are lucky enough to find yourself submerged in dream views like these, ensure your room design is kept airy and uncomplicated to allow the eye to naturally find the beauty beyond, rather than conflict with it.

natural stone for a great living room
white living room with natural stone fireplace

How to Decorate your Garden with Outdoor Lights

Garden become important to beautify our house, without a good lighting the garden will be a uninterested place at night, but by installing a proportional outdoor lights as an outdoor decoration, you will see a new amazing environment in your home. For outside lighting decorations, you need to measure the yard, among other basic steps, and have a plan of how you want to lay out your outdoor lights before you purchase them.
Outdoor lighting ideas

outdoor lighting for garden

outdoor lighting for walkway

outdoor lighting ideas

There are several places of your garden that needs lighting, front door of the garden, shrubbery, Walkway, Outdoor Tree and the Sculpture. For  front door lights, you can attach the lamps to the frame and feed the light down into the groove.

Drape it over a bush or shrub to create a blanket of light. It gives a perfect spaced set of lights that won't tangle. You can purchase sets with the different functions. To add a romantic sense,  you can installing a special lighting for the walkway. For your walkway use a universal light stake, which will accommodate any type of light. Thread the cord on one side and then the other side of the stake and pull it tight for a snug fit. Place the stakes in the ground and line the walkway with them.

If you have a several trees in your garden, you can also decorate the trees,  Put the lamps on the cord and over the branch, and they simply twist over themselves to keep your lights perfectly placed. And the last attach lights to wire sculpture with sculpture clips. Pop the clip to the wire frame and place your bulb right in the clip.

Contemporary River Cliff Home by Susie Johnson for Best Home Design

Below pictures are several best home design project by Susie Johnson, a high-end residential interiors that Emphasizing proper proportion and scale, as well as effective lighting, while maintaining the overall design style is Susie’s signature approach to personalizing a home to match her client’s personality and lifestyle.
Take a look at this gorgeous contemporary home designed by Susie Johnson Interior Design that has won awards in both the local and state American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) design compeitions in the Contemporary Homes over 3,000 square feet category. This home overlooking a river was designed for an experienced contractor, who wanted a cohesive merger of the interiors and the architecture of the home.

Painting ideas and fireplace for best home design
Painting ideas and fireplace for best home design
Simplicity can also be a great ideas, such as on this kitchen, The kitchen’s simplicity with rift-cut white oak cabinetry brings out the contemporary essence of the nickel surface appliances.
kitchen for best home design with simplicity
kitchen for best home design with simplicity

Home Spa Jacuzzi Design of Sasha Home Sauna

This home spa jacuzzi has amazing interior design, this is the Sasha Home Sauna, Inspired by the highest sense of wellness, spa combines the Sasha home sauna, shower and a Hammam. Designed by the architect Alberto Apostoli Sasha has a modern design and professional services in a compact package that fits a modern home.
Home Spa Jacuzzi Design of Sasha Home Sauna
Home Spa Jacuzzi Design of Sasha Home Sauna
Home Spa Jacuzzi with wood, glass, steel and resin
Home Spa Jacuzzi with wood, glass, steel and resin

lighting for home spa
For the lighting,  found in the sauna, RGB LED lamps are in the bank and select the wall.

This home spa is made of wood, glass, steel and resin, Jacuzzi spa with water all the senses, smell, warmth and music will do. For the lighting,  found in the sauna, RGB LED lamps are in the bank and select the wall, while a touchpad can be different programs with color sequences are combined. The shower is surrounded by large areas of glass, and comes with three programs, soothing water to wash away your worries. Finally loaded the Hammam mix coats your body with warm dew, while the touch screen panel can use color to the various programs.

For more details, just see on the picture gallery, or read another related post about spa on below links.

Best Bathrom Design for Mid Year of 2012

Below pictures are several best bathroom design for mid year 2012, all the pictures are taken from the most popular image search of google search engine search page with the keyword of best bathroom design. I hope this gallery could inspire you to create your dream bathroom. take a look on this gallery and enjoy !
Best Bathroom Design 1

Best Bathroom Design 2

Best Bathroom Design 3

Best Bathroom Design 4

Best Bathroom Design 5

Small Bathroom Design Ideas for 2012 Modern Homes

Small bathroom design ideas for 2012 modern homes, I found several gallery of small bathroom ideas from besthomegallery small bathrooms. I think all of the bathrooms on that site were great and suitable for 2012 modern homes. Small bathrooms expect a lot of ingenuity to alter, especially if you want to make them look as open as workable, coin storeroom seat, and still have all the desirable amenities.
small bathroom design ideas
Small bathroom design ideas
So many newer houses were planned with impossibly small bathrooms to use as much stun region as likely for other quarters. After all, no one surely lives in a bathroom. In adult homes that were built before inside plumbing came into style, bathrooms were regularly constructed in closet chairs or small corners of rooms, sandwiched in so as not to influence on other living spaces. As a product, many of these owners of adult homes are also selling with bathrooms that are almost too small. However, there are behavior to model a small bathroom so that you can maximize the scope you have and establish a comfortable part. In another part of this site, You can also read the article about Tips on How to Make Your Bathroom Looks Bigger, remodeling ideas for small bathrooms, and minimalist bathroom ideas for limited space.

The first thing many people think about when difficult to alter a small bathroom place is to buy a stand sink which takes up far fewer freedom than most vanities. While a dais sink looks polite and trees the small imprints, it just isn't handy in a small bath post. After all, the core thing that it eliminates is the storeroom place the futility offers you and actually wastes the precious area beneath the sink. Instead of putting Small Bathroom Design Ideas in a pedestal sink, then, you necessary to look for a compact conceit with as much storage as possible.
Gallery of small bathroom design ideas
Gallery of small bathroom design ideas
You might ponder an area arrogance if you have an appropriate confront to put it in, because it will take up less cube copy than a traditional rectangular pride. One habit that would give the illusion that your bathroom is more spacious than it really is would be to paint, paper, or tile the interim with vertical stripes. This mean will make people think that the ceiling is much superior when it's not. Use a light affect-idea, such as whites or pastels, and keep stuff vital and plain. A lot of confusion and engaged patterns will tend to make the bulwark of the space close in. 

Small bathroom design ideas need  an important decoration such as mirrors, Mirrors placed strategically in the room can also create the illusion of ultra space and consider light making the area much brighter. Of course, nothing you can do to outline a small bathroom is departing to change the truth that it's small, but you can certainly devise conduct to make it look superior.

West Broad Village Home Gallery Named Best Design Center

West Broad Village Home Gallery Named Best Design Center in North America, A local home builder picked up a national award for their Short Pump home design center at West Broad Village earlier this month. The National Sales and Marketing Council (NSMC) of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) honored Eagle Construction of VA at the 2012 National Sales and Marketing Awards, The Nationals.

The ceremony was held on Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 at The Peabody Hotel in Orlando, Florida.
The Nationals honors superior sales and marketing achievements by individual professionals, homebuilders and sales and marketing councils.

Eagle Construction’s Home Gallery won the gold award for the Best Design Center in North America. Silver finalists include Design Centers located in Canada, North Carolina and Texas. The Gold Award is determined by some of the industry’s finest marketing professionals in a three-day judging process that evaluates the overall theme, function, display concept, creativity and design used in the Design Center.

Located in West Broad Village, Eagle’s Home Gallery is a place for home buyers to plan and craft their new home to reflect their personality. This 4,000 square foot facility displays the latest trends in appliances, technologies, products and interior design, ranging from modern and simplistic to old-world and ornate.

Numerous selections are displayed throughout the gallery in any of the 4 full kitchens, 3 full baths, 3 half baths, laundry room and 5 expansive selections galleries that include countertops and cabinetry, flooring, exterior finishes, media/fireplaces and lighting.

source: downtownshortpump

Modern Washroom Cubicles By Morgan Sindall

Modern Minimalist Washrooms

Washrooms usually located near the bathroom or in every place that we will need to mash our hands, in a public spaces such as Hotel, restaurant, cafe or hospital washrooms are important. Below pictures are a set of modern minimalist modern washrooms cubicles, designed by Morgan Sindall. provided a state-of-the-art educational environment for pupils of the former Park Brow and Cherryfield primary schools in Kirby. With its brightly-coloured exterior and modern, open learning spaces, the new Park Brow Primary School is one the community can be proud of and TBS Fabrications were thrilled to be involved in the £6.1 million project; manufacturing and installing stylish new washrooms throughout.

A colourful and contemporary new school has been built by Morgan Sindall, providing a state-of-the-art educational environment for pupils of the former Park Brow and Cherryfield primary schools in Kirby. With its brightly-coloured exterior and modern, open learning spaces, the new Park Brow Primary School is one the community can be proud of and TBS Fabrications were thrilled to be involved in the £6.1 million project; manufacturing and installing stylish new washrooms throughout.

Modern Washrooms

Park Brow’s infant washrooms were fitted-out with low-level vanity units and cubicles from TBS’ Tots 2 Teens range for children; the perfect specification for nursery and primary school projects. Featuring shaped doors and partitions, Tots 2 Teens cubicles guarantee to meet the safety and supervision requirements needed for young children, and the vibrant orange colour scheme chosen for Park Brow results in a creative and inviting washroom environment that the younger children will be happy to use.

Floor-to-ceiling Spectra cubicles were installed within the unisex washroom areas in order to ensure maximum levels of privacy for the school’s junior pupils. Featuring special height doors and over panels with floor-to-ceiling pilasters and partitions, bespoke Spectra cubicles with co-ordinating duct panelling and vanity units proved the perfect specification. Manufactured from high pressure laminate finished with a durable 2mm thick PVC edging, Spectra cubicles guarantee a stylish, practical and robust washroom solution for educational applications.

TBS also installed low-level wash troughs for Park Brow Primary School, combining contemporary solid surface troughs with HPL under panels and flashgaps. Available in a wide range of colours, solid surface wash troughs offer a stylish, easily-maintained, and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to stainless steel troughs or traditional wash basins, and are tailor-made to suit site dimensions or individual requirements.

source: kubodo

Green Bedroom Ideas for Master Bedroom

I wrote some ideas about green bedroom on my previous post "green bedroom decor", on this post, I will share you again several bedroom ideas in green color. I found these amazing bedroom ideas from, the author said that green bedrooms are the best color for relaxation. Here are the picture:

Green bedroom ideas
Green bedroom ideas for relaxation
Green bedrooms are a good color choice for your healthy, they give your bedroom a warm condition, green color can easily to combine with another color such as ivory or blue.
Green color with blue combination

Green bedroom for modern homes
for your bedroom ideas, here are another green bedrooms for many sources:

Home Theater Furniture Ideas

Home Theater Furniture that fits with your lifestyle will make your time to enjoy watching movie in comfortable. If you are planning to design your own home theater design or having a DIY home theater design, it's important to choose the best home theater furniture that fits with your personality.

Home theater furniture for seating
Home Theater Furniture
Home theater furniture
Choose the best style for seating furniture, sofa with leather or else, whatever the material that used for the sofa, you should ensure that the seating furniture are comfortable.

Modern Table for home theater furniture
A home theater usually doesn't need a big table, small table with modular steel and glass is the best table, Here is the figure.
Table for home theater furniture
Table for home theater furniture

Storage furniture and decoration
Home theater need more storage, use a cabinet or shelves to store CDs, and all your movie collection. Use also a rug in front of the sofa, sometime we can use the rugs for relaxing while enjoy the movie.
Storage home theater furniture and decoration
Storage home theater furniture and decoration

Green Bedroom Ideas (Update) for Small Homes

Green bedroom ideas, alright, maybe you have visited my post about green bedroom decor, this time, I will re-post the ideas on using green bedroom for small house. One important thing, use a smart furniture for your bedroom, here is one sample.
Modern Smart Teenagers Green Bedroom
Modern Smart Teenagers Green Bedroom
Green bedroom ideas for children with storage
Green bedroom ideas for children with storage
small green bedroom
green bedroom

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

Bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget
Bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget
Bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget is mean that  a project to refacing your old bathroom into something fresh, new, and adopting the latest trend in bathroom ideas in affordable budget. There are many reasons of people when they want to remodel their bathroom, The most home owner said that the bathroom trend is changing so fast, so they should still on track to follow their bathroom ideas with the latest trend. 

Another people said that remodeling a bathroom to transform the current bathroom into modern bathroom will improve the value of the house, so they will get thousands dollar when they want to sell or rent their house after the bathrooms are remodeled. 

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2012 Trend

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas
Bathroom Remodeling Ideas
Bathroom remodeling ideas transform your bathroom ideas into something fresh, up to date to the latest trend, although this is a new year moment, we should start to searching for the hottest trend of 2012 for your newest bathroom remodeling ideas.

When people want to change their bathroom setting or atmosphere, they need to come up with logical and understandable bathroom ideas. If they have small bathroom, don’t expect to be able to put some heavy or big bathroom cabinets or have shower and bath tub in two different places. Be reasonable and plan everything in details. Changing the room layout and feel doesn’t always mean to tear down everything and replace everything with new items. People only need to be creative and smart in implementing the bathroom ideas. If they’re low in the budgets, they can always use laminate covers to cover up their wall and floor. Not only these laminate covers are affordable and cheap, they’re also easy to install. If people are bored with the covers after some time, they can always take it off. They can also change small parts such as the towel hanger or the soap dishes. Such small replacements can bring out significant change immediately. It’s not difficult to come up with interesting bathroom ideas, Are you agree?

Below pictures are several best bathroom remodeling ideas for 2012, I hope you will interested to transform your old bathroom ideas into these ideas:
Bathroom ideas for 2012

Minimalist bathroom ideas for 2012

Stylish wooden bathroom ideas

Small Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

Small bathroom Ideas
Small bathroom Ideas

Small bathroom ideas are popular now, most home owners use this great ideas to maximize the space of the house, There are so much tips on internet about this ideas, Here again, I want to share you several common tips on small bathroom ideas. As we know that the bathroom is a very vital part of a house, it should be designed in well function, sufficient lights, clean, good air circulation, and another important things.

Small bathroom ideas also be the cheapest remodeling bathroom on a budget job you can do. it is very simple and inexpensive, because of the wide array of products that are available for small bathrooms. A small bathroom can be have half-bath, Three-quarter bath, of full bath. A half bath usually has a toilet and sink, just a little space for basic needs and wash the hands. A Three-quarter bath is larger than the first, you can add a shower or tub, this bathroom ideas need more creative ideas to configure. And the last bathroom ideas in Full bath, Toilet, sink, shower, and tub.

I hope this tips are useful for you, below lists are the common ideas when designing a small bathroom ideas:
  • Save the space by using a pedestal sinks rather than a large vanity cabinet that can reducing the space.
  • Keep in mind to save more space, such as using a sliding door, Place toilet, sink, and shower/tub along one wall to mitigate costs, use a proportional trim, using linen closet, and using diagonal bathroom tiles.
  • Use lighter paint or installing more lamps to ensure that your small bathroom have a sufficient lights.

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