Natural Material for Designing Modern Home

On this picture we can see a modern design by Emil, this modern design is used a natural material, for the wall, Emil used a natural stone, for the wall paper, he used a wood curtain. There is an unique lamp hanging on the roof. A natural decoration made from small dry twig trees combined with palm as the planter or pot. To make the room convenience, we can planting several small trees of palm in around this room.

Creative and Antique Modern Home Design

Every architect wants to expanding their design with usual or unusual way to get a new design, on this picture we can see an unique and creative modern home design, why? because the design use an unusual style and material. Emil, the designer said that designing is like a pray, he known all about designing rules, on this time, he had an experiment to build his own home, by combining his experiences, science and his dream.
creative+antique+home design+1See this design, a natural, unique but modern design, actually, the wall is made from glass, but you can see a several composition of the second-hand soft drink bottles, there are about 30.000 bottle to configure it.
creative+antique+home design+2On this interior, we can see that we will not need another lighting, just use a natural lighting, and we can also look around the house.
creative+antique+home design+3This is a suitable room for relaxing, while enjoying the fresh air, on this room, Emil used a natural material such as natural stones.

Combining Living Room and Dinning Room

Especially for small home, combining living room and dinning room is important way to reduce the usage of room and to reduce the space. On this picture, we can see there are three functions of the room. Living room as the master of the room, and dinning room, but we can also see there are two simple chairs with a hanging table on the wall as a mini bar. A harmonious living room
by combining cozy with showy to create a stunning, and monochromatic living room.
living room and dinning tableThere are similar chair's style and material between dinning chairs and mini bar chairs, the color of sofa at the living room is matched with wall color, special wooden floor is used for creating the convenience of the room. See another harmonious on hgtv.

Protect Your Home From the Destruction of Indoor Mildew

Indoor mildew will eventually destroy any surface on which it grows. Protect Your Home From the Destruction of Indoor Mildew, Once you have mildew in your home it is difficult to get rid of, but the good news is that preventing mildew is a lot easier. Here are 4 ways to prevent mildew from getting a foothold in your home and destroying your possessions. In this case an ounce of prevention is worth way more than the pound of cure.

Eliminate Moisture

Mildew spores are a part of life, but they become a part of your life when they find moisture inside your home. Decrease moisture in the bathroom by using a fan that is ducted to the outside. Wipe shower walls dry after showering to get rid of excess water. Make your basement as dry as possible by sealing the exterior with a waterproofing product. Cook with the lids on pots and use a kitchen fan ducted to the outside to exhaust moisture. Use air conditioning and a dehumidifier in the summer and heat in the winter to decrease excess moisture in your home.
Shut Down Food Source

Because mildew is a tiny plant, it grows by feeding on the smallest bits of dust, dirt, and food crumbs; so it is important to keep fabrics such as upholstery, carpet and draperies clean, as well as cleaning and drying clothes and shoes before storing in closets or drawers. Keeping kitchen counters, stoves, back splashes and floors free of crumbs and oily residue is essential in deterring the growth of mildew.

Keep Air Moving

Circulating air is an excellent way to prevent moisture build up. Leave closet doors and drawers open occasionally to help dry out any moisture that may have accumulated. When relative humidity outside is less than that inside, open the windows and/or use a fan to introduce dry air and lessen humidity levels inside.

Eliminate Airborne Mildew Spores

Since it is impossible to keep mildew spores from coming indoors, eliminating the spores while they are still airborne and before they find water or food is an effective way to prevent mildew from growing. A high efficiency particle arresting air purifier is designed to remove 99,997 out of every 10,000 particles including mildew spores. Constant elimination of the spores greatly reduces the chance of mildew making their home your home.

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Choose these Best Door Design!

Wooden doors are still the best material, one of them is a stave core. These are solid blocks of wood precisely fit together in long staves. The stave core has a 3 ply skin on each side. The grain in each ply is turned at a 90 degree angle to the others for added strength. The outer skin is a high quality veneer. It prefer to work with Birch and Oak veneers as they offer the most period-appropriate look, finish nicely, and tend to hold up well in varying temperatures and weather conditions. This sample door design are available here.
best door design 1Choose these another door design!, the important thing is the color and the designs, the basic style are circle and box. Suitable front door designs make your house's face more live and attractive.

best door design 2

Special Color for Best Storage Room

What is the best color and design for our small room? If you had this room, how will you use this room? for storage room, waiting room, living room or other? This room is designed for connecting between other rooms, but with special color, we can use this room for other purpose. Actually, this design is suitable for storage room, see the door! on this design, the sliding door can make the room more efficient. How about a waiting room? yeah, use this room for waiting room, but we will need more chairs. So, up to you! How it will be!
waiting and storage room

Natural Lighting with Special Roof Design

A healthy house is the house with sufficient lighting and fresh air, to make the room more fresh, usually the owner used several air conditioner to make the room comfort, but for lighting, sometimes they use much lamps. To reduce the electricity usage, we can use natural lighting while design a special roof design with a space for natural lighting.
This special cabinet design is designed on the top of the building, created from wooden materials, but to make it transparent, we can use a special glass so the room will be brighter.
See another best room and home design on

Simple Room Design for Tropic Culture

minimalist room designIt's not a big problem to design small room for

Remodeling a teenage bedroom

teenage+bedroom+design+2On above picture, we can see an usual teenage room design, the medicine-pink walls and a simple window, the only one point of interest of the large oval ceiling can be kept of it's originally. To remodeling this usual bedroom design, firstly we need to change the pink wall color with another color such a coat of dark purple paint. Liven up the windows with handpainted roller shades. To begin, he cuts 20 oval shapes out of self-adhesive shelf paper and sticks them onto plain white roller shades. He spray-paints the shades bright pink, then removes the ovals. Next, he creates a cardboard stencil the same size of the shelf-paper ovals. He lays the stencil over the unpainted ovals on the shade and spray-paints them purple for a definitive color contrast.

Add dimension up high with an oval dropped ceiling made out of birch plywood. The plywood oval is hung from the ceiling with hooks and chains. The dated light fixture is replaced with a globe chandelier. Create a custom rug by using spray adhesive to attach a rug grip to the underside of a rectangular piece of thick faux fur. Attache a piece of pink faux fur to a bulletin board to tie it in with the new design. Replace existing bed frame with a clean-lined platform-style bed that matches the other light-stained furniture pieces. The bed is not only made for sleeping, it's perfect for hanging out with friends with the layer of feather-boa trimmed pillows lining the perimeter of the mattress.

See complete design and informations on

A romantic Surprise on your sexy bedroom

romantic bedroom designGirl's bedroom usually used a romantic and sexy design, transformed into a relaxing retreat on this design, Yip incorporates use a romantic vibe using warm colors, flowing fabrics and candlelight. As was done in the girls' room, the old carpet is replaced with new carpet tiles. The walls are painted a deep orange, and silk drapes frame the window. The bulky, hand-me-down furniture is gone and in its place is a gorgeous new four-poster bed, TV table, nightstands and dressers. To make the bed soft and romantic, a silk canopy is hung from the ceiling. Finally, Yip adds the ultimate romantic accessory, It would be a romantic surprise with a sexy bedroom with warm color.

Best Home Theater Design with Grayscale Design

best home theater designSimple but elegant, with special design for minimalist room, this home theater is the best of home theater design for me, on this design we can see the shape of wall, hanging table, dan it's decorations. The color choices are suitable each other. The design of lamp is very beautiful, simple and make the room looks comfort. Found another best home theater design on

Elegant Chair Design with Metallic Silver

Can you imagine to build this metallic chair by your self, actually, we can create this metallic silver chair, for the materials, we can choose a simple metal and design it like this. The important thing is the color of the metal. Here are several tips to make your chair surface looks so bright and elegant. On this tips, we use American Accents Primer and American Accents Metallic Silver paint.
  1. Remove chair pillows and accessories. Lightly sand the chair surfaces with a high grade sandpaper to ensure a smooth surface for painting. Wipe chair free of dust and debris with tack cloth.
  2. Apply one coat of American Accents Primer to the chair. As always, follow manufacturer's recommendations on preparation, application, drying times and clean up.
  3. Once dry, lightly spray on an even coat of American Accents Metallic Silver paint. Apply a second coat, if necessary, within 1 hour or after 24 hours.
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Unique Home Decorating Sets

unique decorating setsI found this unique decorating sets on, an unique decorating sets. By combining several furniture and decorations from several manufactures, on the picture we can see the sofa, this sofa is provided by, we can also seeing a minimalist table from and the chair from There are also another decorations, such as a bambooplant, round mirror, silk flower, storage boxes, rug and other decorations, Interested to design as you like?

Special Wall Art Decorations For Kids' Rooms

Decorating the modern nursery, playroom, or toddler bedroom for our children need to understanding about the sense of the art, with this way, we can learning to our children about a lot of thing by introducing to art decorations. By a framing prints we can create many of object just by click. Here are some simple of wall decorations for our children, adopted from

Wall Designing for Kids Art Room

wall decorationsKids art isn't just Ducks and Bunnies, I read this tittle on, an art website for kids, I like this website very much, because it can bring the sense of art to our children, on the picture above, we can see a wide variety of art for children's rooms that you don't have to settle for the usual fluffy cute animals, Disney characters, or pink for girls and blue for boys, By this children's art decorations, we can blend the decorations with another art furniture.

Perfect dinning room, with natural warm color

warm color trend home designNice and perfect room, with natural warm color blended with blue furniture, this is one home improvement solution by color compositions to make the room feel more live!. Much like your other common living spaces, dining can be formal, informal, or both depending on d├ęcor and furniture choices. But there is no denying that this space is the one the speaks most of your connection to your friends and family in a unique way. It is a rare occasion held in any home where food is not the focal point, so creating the right atmosphere in this special room can help you say, “Sit, enjoy, be happy and welcome” all in one creative design. See another design on
antique bathroom

An antique design, this epitome of contemporary design. Straightforward yet eye-catching. Ideally suited to making confined spaces work harder, it uses simple solutions and allows you real flexibility with many practical add-on options.

Classic Apartment with Spacious Room

Apartment is a minimalist house with simple room component, small living room, dinning room or may be with out all complete room component. The important room for apartment is the master room, we can build this room as we like, on this picture we can see a classic apartment with spacious rooms, towering ceilings, wonderful art deco original details and flooded with natural light, is a perfect environment to show cool white walls, rich oak parquet and splashes of bright, bold accessories. There is a complimentary mix of elegant 20th century furniture and clean modern pieces. See another design on aine clune home design.

Elegant dinning room with a minimalist table design

elegant dinning roomThis dinning room describe an elegant room with a minimalist table design. Located near the kitchen, an elegant table with glass make the room looks more chick. See another dinning table on
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