Remodeling a teenage bedroom

teenage+bedroom+design+2On above picture, we can see an usual teenage room design, the medicine-pink walls and a simple window, the only one point of interest of the large oval ceiling can be kept of it's originally. To remodeling this usual bedroom design, firstly we need to change the pink wall color with another color such a coat of dark purple paint. Liven up the windows with handpainted roller shades. To begin, he cuts 20 oval shapes out of self-adhesive shelf paper and sticks them onto plain white roller shades. He spray-paints the shades bright pink, then removes the ovals. Next, he creates a cardboard stencil the same size of the shelf-paper ovals. He lays the stencil over the unpainted ovals on the shade and spray-paints them purple for a definitive color contrast.

Add dimension up high with an oval dropped ceiling made out of birch plywood. The plywood oval is hung from the ceiling with hooks and chains. The dated light fixture is replaced with a globe chandelier. Create a custom rug by using spray adhesive to attach a rug grip to the underside of a rectangular piece of thick faux fur. Attache a piece of pink faux fur to a bulletin board to tie it in with the new design. Replace existing bed frame with a clean-lined platform-style bed that matches the other light-stained furniture pieces. The bed is not only made for sleeping, it's perfect for hanging out with friends with the layer of feather-boa trimmed pillows lining the perimeter of the mattress.

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