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Your Ideal Bedroom Design, with Natural but Elegant Color

Important keys when we build a bedroom is the color and the room positions, suitable lightning and decorations are also other consideration to build an ideal bedroom. For Chinese people, when we build a bedroom, they will consider the positions of the room with the "feng-shui", and the color. For European or American people, thus item are not an important things, but the compositions and the balance of room formations and the bed or floor color.

There are several things to consider before building a bed room: First, choose the suitable place for the room, such as, children's bedroom will be better if it located near the playing room or studying room, but for parent's bedroom, the best locations is near with the living room, because the parents will be more easy to monitor the house. Second, Suitable decorations and color, use attractive color for children's bedroom, and for teens, use expressive color, but for parent's bedroom, use calm color like wooden color. For decorations, locate decorations in the corner, use proportional size decorations, don't use the decoration that will reduce the room space. Third, use suitable lightning, don't use minimum lightning for the children's bedroom, because they would like to playing and learning or watching television in their room, for parents and teen, we can use multiple lamp, use maximum lightning for doing several office job or watching television, and use minimum lightning for sleeping.


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