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An alternative motive for our wall of floor design is using Zydeco. A true original. An amazing blend of exotic lines and patterns combine to bring together form and design. Designed by Terry Kaplan from Terry Tiles, Terry Kaplan, the artist behind Terry Tiles, treats each tile as a piece of art, using unusual color combinations, interesting textures and three dimensional detail to get sophisticated styles. The tiles are hand painted with up to five layers of color; details and multiple coats of glaze are then added before the tile is fired. Her designs are inspired by both the natural and manmade. Terry Tiles began over 10 years ago, starting with major custom projects for decorators, builders and consumers. Terry's art has illuminated kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools and has been presented in public commissions and commercial installations.
Information of the product:
  • Model: Modern
  • Style: Available in Artisan, Contemporary
  • Type: Available in Border / Liner, Custom, Deco / Insert, Field, Molding / Trim,
  • Application: Available in Wall
  • Material: Available in Ceramic, Clay
  • Features: Available in Hand Painted, Handmade
  • Dimensions: 4" Field L x 4" Field W x 4" Deco L x 4" Deco W x 4" Border L (Also available in 4" Field L x 4" Field W x 4" Deco L x 4" Deco W x 4" Border L x 1" Border W x 8" Molding L x 5" Molding W)


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