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Hanging Lamp Design for Healthy Interior

Healthy Interior home design is one of best interior design today, with the global warming problem, we need to create health based home design, that supported to reduce the global warming. By minimizing the electricity need, we can indirectly reduce the need of global electricity. One of this way can be conducted with the selective choosing on lighting. So, we don't need to considering another solutions in global warming solutions, it's enough to creating a best home design with smart electricity usage and lighting design.
hanging lamp
hanging lamp
For the General lighting that had a function of lighting the wide area, hanging lamp was the appropriate choice. Was placed in the middle sitting the area, the light kind like this will not reduce much space. Chose hanging lamp that was striking with the design in accordance with the style furniture so that real display can seen increasingly intact. Those lamp design were adopted from www.arthazone.com.


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