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The new Australian homes A whole new class of design

Australian Hhomes

The new homes coming on the market are a true departure from the “El Cheapo” designs of the past. These are real designer homes, excellent quality and they’re Big with a capital B. They represent totally different living spaces and environments from their predecessors and they’re built to provide a different lifestyle. The modern Australian home comes with a lot of smart features like a
retractable awning, high tech house control systems in big hybrid open plan and CAD-based partitioned interiors.

The new interior architecture and designs

The new interiors are really advanced designs, using a range of options to provide a good, well-insulated environment from the Australian sun and dealing with the issues of coastal design as well. This is a revolution in a way, because in the past the interiors were “conveyor belt” BV designs, not particularly original, using low grade materials and cost-based, meaning great for developers’ bottom lines, and not much else. The stampede to better quality housing is a clear indicator that the end of that type of building is here to stay.

The days of shoddy mass-produced homes are well and truly over, and the days of unfussy homebuyers are also gone, from the look of the housing market. Quality is taking over, and materials are now an essential part of Australian home design. The new interiors usually have extremely high quality hardwood or tiled floors, top quality carpets, best practice environmental management, and a stream of extras which didn’t even exist when much of urban Australia was built in the 70s and 80s.

The new exteriors- Designer materials and ideas all the way
It’s fair to say that the exteriors have also had a drastic makeover. Much of the technology creating the fabulous new sunscreen blinds also didn’t exist during the building booms of the past. That’s one of the reasons the new buildings are so conspicuously different. The other reason is that the new environmental control concepts now extend outside the building, using the big sunscreens to deal with heat and light much more efficiently.
The new buildings really are a different species. They’re geared to a different world. The modern home can be huge, containing many features which older homes simply didn’t have and some which didn’t even exist in theory before. Something as basic as air conditioning, for example, was previously a “turn it on and hope for the best” technology. Now, it’s a science, with programmable units saving megawatts every day thanks to better environmental controls built in to the design.

The big new exteriors are unprecedented in design terms. It’s a whole new class of design technology, reinventing exteriors as living spaces and simultaneously dealing with a lot of issues which have plagued Australian home design since the colonial era. Designer materials and much better approaches to environmental management have produced an entirely different type of building.

This technology, from the sunscreens to the interior design concepts, is only in its infancy. In ten years, it’s completely changed the face of urban Australia. The future definitely isn’t going to be dull.


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