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Mirror Unique Glass Material for Your Wall Design

For its specialty Mirror Unique glass, Jockimo combines an old technique for antiquing mirrors with a back-painting process that gives the product a “bump of color,” company president Tim Czechowski says.

Available in 20 standard colors, including ones that imitate granite and marble, the glass is produced and painted by hand. It is also available in customized colors and fabrications. The glass can be laminated, tempered, leaded, or insulated.

The mirrors have many applications, says Czechowski, but some of the most popular uses have been for backsplashes and entry walls. One customer in Dallas used large panels of copper-colored glass behind a bar. Laminated for safety, the glass also featured air bubbles. Another customer in New York City used different-colored mirrors to create a collage effect on a wall. Jockimo. 949.251.1560. www.jockimo.com.


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