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Unique Surface Effects from Staron Tempest

Choosing suitable material for our building design (floor and wall) should considering several things, just for an opinion, we can use a low-emitting interior building materials, furnishings and finish systems. One of several those material provider is Staron® Tempest by Samsung. Staron® Tempest by Samsung is a high-performance acrylic surfacing material with an incredible array of benefits. Most obvious is the impressive color range.
"In several of the new color choices, the addition of reflective chips creates an appearance consistent with metallic elements and minerals often found in nature. The result is a depth and saturation of color that is an industry first in acrylic solid surface countertops for residential and commercial projects

Staron® Tempest is available to fabricators from distributors in 1/2" (12.3 mm) thick sheets are 145" (3680 mm) x 30" (760 mm).
visit www.staron.com to get more informations.


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