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European Traditional House in Japan

European Traditional House in Japan
Nowadays, it's so difficult to search an ancient home design in the middle town as Hyogo - Japan. One of several ancient house is The Yamamura House. The Yamamura House, situated on a ridge overlooking the affluent city of Ashiya, was designed in 1918 by Frank Lloyd Wright as a retreat for the family of a local sake brewer, Tazaemon Yamamura. Construction began in 1923 and was completed in 1924 under the direction of two of Wright's disciples, Arata Endo and Makoto Minami. In 1974 the Yamamura House was designated an Important National Cultural Asset. It was later opened to the public under its new name, the Yodoko Guest House.

The Japanese rooms, guest rooms, and bathrooms are located on the third floor and accessed by a short flight of stairs. The long entry corridor connecting these rooms is enclosed by floor to ceiling windows on the west exterior wall. In the afternoon natural light streams into the corridor, casting delicate shadows of leaf-like patterns across the floor through decorative copper window plates. This same motif is repeated on other windows, doors, and door transoms throughout the house, blurring the distinction between exterior and interior.


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