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The Carteck sectional door for Your Garage

Carteck sectional door
Designing garage must consider several thing, the important thing is the size of the garage, the other thing is the security of the garage, using special door for the garage is one solution to make our garage save. One of garage door design is provided by The Carteck. The Carteck sectional door like most of the very latest sectional doors on the market can be installed behind or inbetween the structural opening of the garage.
Here are the features of the door:

  • Maximizes drive through width and height of garage opening available.
  • Easier to install without the inbetween installation kit and cladding to legs and possibly head of frame.
  • More secure as attack and lever points are behind the structural opening not exposed.
  • Keeps the installation as insulated as possible as the side and head frame are only single skin steel.
  • Could make garage slightly shorter for vehicle if replacing a garage door fitted inbetween the opening.
  • Could expose rough brickwork, stonework or blockwork previously covered by a timber frame.
  • Can look odd if your brickwork returns are very deep. Also beware of twin garages where the central pier is not the same depth as the corner piers!


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