Bathrooms could be just functional spaces that need little or no decorating attention, but imagine a bathroom that not only serves its function but is also a place where you can relax and take care of yourself in beautiful. Imagine you lying back in your tub filled with fragrant bubbles, listening to your favourite CDs, closing your eyes and feeling good and taken care of, after a day of hard work, you’re in a space that is beautifully designed with gorgeous tiles, lovely walls decorated with art or mirrors. With all the new materials, design styles and innovative products becoming available, the bathroom of your dreams can finally turn into something more than just a sink, toilet and a shower combo.

The biggest difficulty in bathroom remodeling is trying to figure out how to match what you think is your ideal bathroom look with its size limitations. Usually, your bathroom is one of the smallest areas in the house. You may have to consider all the plumbing and electrical wiring obstacles if you’re thinking about moving things around. This image was a remodled bathroom design by


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