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Choose Your Bathtub With It's Style

The most popular tub type today is still the basic, 5 ft. wall-to-wall built-in model in white or biscuit. Millions of these units are sold every year. There is very style little difference between any of these models. Some are porcelain on steel; some are acrylic; some are cast iron. There are differences in quality and price, but not a great deal in style.

Claw-foot bathtubs are still being sold if you prefer an antique look. Actually, the quality and finish on these units today is as fine as any available. Many people still prefer this style of bathing. Some manufacturers have updated the design to appear quite modern.

Tubs not only come in a multitude of sizes, colors and styles, but in a variety of materials as well. The choice and combination depends upon individual needs and tastes, as well as architectural limitations.
With dozens of manufacturers offering myriad shapes and sizes in a variety of materials and with numerous options, a visit to a bathtub showroom can be a bewildering experience.


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