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2009 Home Design Trend, Oriental Sweetness

oriental+home+design+1Everybody wants to know about the predictions of next year trend in all things. It is still early days for interior predictions for 2009, but let's going to look into one of the trends that is looking hot for 2009, "Oriental Sweetness".

"Oriental Sweetness" is all about the East: Asian & Oriental influences are all big. Look at old skool floral Japanese textiles for inspiration. The simple, minimal shapes & striking colours are key here.


As for colour palettes for the range, you are looking at strong tones of red, burgundy (wine red) & purple, mixed with brighter shades / neutral tones in alternative combinations. The base for all the colour palettes is made up from Neutrals, white, tan and bark.


Oriental florals are beautifully simple in their form, one of the aspects that I love is the minimal "block" colour approach, similar to pop art, but pioneered hundreds & hundreds of years early. If you look at Japanese & indeed a lot Asian art, it closely resembles what graphic design has now become in a CAD based design world.



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