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Best Home Design on Green House Trend Tips

Todays trend in greening house is the most important consideration to support of global warming reducing. While many homeowners realize the importance of creating a greener, healthier home they often mistakenly believe that to make a real difference in your home you have to spend a lot of money. Not true. Just like with conventional remodeling, there will always be expensive options. But, some of the best green choices you can make for your home are also the most affordable. Here are several tips as creating best home design on green house trend.

Install natural linoleum flooring.
Natural linoleum is a great choice on a budget, Linoleum is entirely natural, an ancient recipe that goes back hundreds of years. What's different today is the beauty is enhanced.

Use low or no VOC paint on your walls.
The most common thing people do is paint, so it's important to be aware of the VOC content.

Replace conventional light bulbs with fluorescent.
Perhaps the easiest change you can make in your house is to replace your existing light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs. Even if you only replace one or two bulbs, it makes a big difference.

Add more insulation.
The number-one issue in green remodeling should be energy efficiency. Adding that homeowners should get more insulation as soon as they can and insulate above the building code.

Seal surfaces with paint to prevent offgassing.

Usually, homeowners look at what has the potential to offgas in their home–particularly in the kitchen and bathroom. The number-one offgassing culprit is particleboard, which most cabinets and many countertops are made from.
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